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Web Design Pricing: How Much Web Design Costs

A captivating web design backed with solid functionality can be your most important business tool. Developing a web design that establishes your brand while speaking to your target audience isn't an easy task, unless you find the right designers and developers. Web design pricing also needs to be considered, since figures can vary greatly.

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Web Design Pricing Factors

WebpageFX bases web design pricing on several factors. You can use the calculator below to get a rough idea for your web design pricing. For personalized web design pricing, please contact us.

The first factor that determines web design pricing is the size of the site. Because each page takes time to design and develop, a site with 100 pages will require higher web design pricing than that of a 10-page site. Style is another factor that determines web design pricing. Some web design companies spend little time on the look of a site; some even use pre-designed templates. Designs by award-winning artists, like those of WebpageFX, mean you'll get a well thought out, unique look. The quality of the design affects web design pricing.

In addition to size and style, copywriting will affect web design pricing. While some choose to write copy themselves, professional website copywriting services can increase your site's success. The web design pricing will depend on the number of pages you need professionally written.

A successful site isn't just well written with a captivating design. It is one viewed by your target audience. Without being seen, your site, although designed beautifully with engaging copy, will be useless to your company. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to getting your site seen by your target audience. Your web design pricing will depend on your SEO goals, including how many keywords you'd like your site to rank well for.

Other determining factors for web design pricing are those extra features that can be added to your website design package. This includes flash, e-commerce and a CMS (Content Management System). Depending on the extent of your needs, your web design pricing will change. For instance, a simple flash header will require less time and skill than an intricate demo.

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Web Design Pricing: Why WebpageFX Chooses to Publish our Web Design Pricing

There is no governing body determining design quality and web design pricing standards. Anyone can call themselves a web design company and charge whatever price they deem fit. Unfortunately this leaves the burden on potential clients to find the best web design company with web design pricing that fits budget constraints.

WebpageFX is different than most web design companies in that we publish our web design pricing online. While we can't give a personalized quote online, we can give you a rough idea to help make your decision.

Most other web design companies choose not to publish their web design pricing. While we can't explain their decision to not publish their web design pricing, we can explain why we do. WebpageFX believes potential clients should have all the information they need to make a decision, including web design pricing. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients. Moreover, WebpageFX stands behind our work and is proud to showcase our talents. We have no reason not to share our web design pricing.

Web Design Pricing: What's Included

The calculator above can provide a rough idea for the web design pricing of your project. But what the calculator can't show is the added benefits you'll be getting from WebpageFX.

Included in all our web design pricing is the benefit of working with the best designers and developers in the field. Our talented team has been recognized globally, having won numerous awards for their top-of-the-line work.

Moreover, our web design pricing includes our unique approach to web design. Our sites are so successful because we design them with conversions in mind. WebpageFX web design pricing includes professional analysis by our internet marketing experts to ensure the best conversion rates possible. This means at every step of design and development, your site is reviewed to ensure it will be successful.

Our web design pricing also includes the benefit of forward-compatibility coding. Our developers will code your website with future growth in mind. As the internet evolves and your website grows, your site can be expanded and will continue to work perfectly on the browsers. Finally, we offer a money-back guarantee with our web design pricing. We know you'll love your website. If for any reason you don't, we'll refund all your money.

For more information or personalized web design pricing, please call 888.449.3239 or contact us online.

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