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Are you looking for quality solutions to solve your company's most complex problems in the areas of software or custom web development? WebpageFX offers a variety of web development solutions at a competitive cost. Advantages of our web development services are:

  • Our team of globally-recognized web developers possess expertise in the latest web development industry standards
  • Our experience in utilizing multiple development technologies, including open source and Microsoft
  • We offer custom solutions tailored to meeting your web development goals, including Ecommerce, CMS and CRM development and integration

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Our skilled web development staff has the technical expertise to work with both open source technologies, such as PHP and mySQL, and Microsoft technologies, such as ASP, .Net, and MS SQL Server. Our software packages include our signature content management system, sugarCRM, Joomla, PHPnuke, OS Commerce, Microsoft SharePoint Portal, BEA Aqua Logic Web Portal, Magento and X-Cart.

Advantages of using our web application development services are:

  • Experience with the System Development Life Cycle
  • Expertise using multiple technologies
  • Use of the latest web development industry standards
  • Proven web development track record
  • Seamless integration of WebpageFX design services
  • Use of RAPID prototyping in order to ensure on-time delivery

Some of Our Web Development Successes:

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WebpageFX Leading Web Development Services

Web Development

WebpageFX has a wide range of web development solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific business model needs. We have a set process to meet requirements for capture, design, development and testing web developments. Our UML diagrams, representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model, and Test Model, will help to ensure your web development business goals are met.
Explore our custom web application development services.


Looking for ecommerce solutions for your website? WebpageFX provides a wide range of ecommerce services, from product catalogs to shopping carts. If you are looking for features like online payment options, custom web development modules, order tracking, or inventory management, our ecommerce solutions are perfect for your business. WebpageFX can help you design online malls where numerous stores can offer their products online. Also, services, such as digital certificates, product shipping, and merchant accounts, can be integrated within your website.
Read more about the benefits of our ecommerce solutions.

Magento Web Development

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that provides a great amount of flexibility. WebpageFX is adept in not only building sites in Magento, but further developing custom extensions to your unique requirements.
Learn about our Magento ecommerce solutions and custom capabilities.

CMS (Content Management System)

With the implementation of a Content Management System, you have the ability and flexibility required to update the current pages on your site as well as add new products and/or web pages without HTML experience. Our development team is experienced working in popular open source platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more. What's more, WebpageFX possesses the skill and know-how necessary to custom build a CMS that meets your unique business or interface requirements.
Find out more about our content management system capabilities.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Are you looking to gain greater insight into how Google Analytics reports can help you? Even as a free analytics software, Google Analytics has an innumerable amount of metrics and reports to pull, which can provide your company with invaluable, actionable data. But in order to use Google Analytics to its full potential, you must first understand how to read and interpret these all-important reports. That's where WebpageFX comes in. The Internet marketing professionals at WebpageFX have passed and maintain the Google Analytics Qualified Individual certification program provided by Google, and are ready to help you get the most out of the reports provided to you by not only helping you understand what the reports mean, but how to best act on them.
Learn more about our Google Analytics consulting services.

Google Website Optimizer Consulting Services

The only way to truly understand the most effective means of generating leads and revenue via your website is to test various elements and webpage versions. Google Website Optimizer provides you a great opportunity to run multivariate and A/B tests to incorporate various design elements and calls to action in different combinations until you find the combination that works best. The Internet marketing team at WebpageFX is experienced and qualified in running Google Website Optimizer tests and is ready to help you increase the conversion rate of your website.
Learn how Website Optimizer can increase your website's conversion rate.

Customer Relationship Management Development

A comprehensive, lean customer relationship management system streamlines your company's sales process, provides an easy-to use dashboard to visualize your performance, and is accessible by your sales force on the move. With WebpageFX's CRM Web Development program, we will ensure that the CRM solution we implement covers all of your needs. We can implement a suite of three separate CRM's, depending on your company's current network configuration. With an effective CRM, you can track leads, stay on top of opportunities, and grow your pipeline.
Explore our CRM development and integration services.

Facebook App Development

Perhaps you have heard of Facebook – perhaps you're even one of the 900 million active users. The number of users on Facebook is staggering, and continues to grow daily. Facebook, while founded as a means of people connecting with people, is now a great way for businesses to connect with people. If your company is not on Facebook, it needs to be. WebpageFX can help you not only connect with your customers at this level, but take it one step further to increase the number of your potential customers who engage with your Facebook page on a regular basis through the development and implementation of custom Facebook apps.
Learn more about our Facebook app development capabilities.

Online Social Community Development

If you want to build relationships with your existing and potential customers, you should consider the creation of an online social community. An online social community gives your customers the opportunity to interact with both your company and each other in an environment you control.
Discover if an online social community is right for you.

Custom SEO Widget Development

With the amount of noise on the web, and the amount of companies looking to compete online, you have to stand out if you want to make a name for yourself on the web. A great way to set your company apart from your competitors is through the development of a custom SEO widget. The design and development team at WebpageFX can build for you an innovative SEO widget that not only propels your company to the top and distinguishes your company as an industry leader, but one that further focuses on leveraging your widget for SEO and overall reach.
Learn more about our custom SEO widget capabilities..

Web Hosting

In today’s web-based world, dependable web site hosting is the key to the performance of your website. WebpageFX Hosting is not only dependable - we guarantee a 99.9% uptime - it is also affordable. Our high-end technical team can transform your web development presence into a profit center.
Learn more about the benefits of WebpageFX web hosting plans.

Website Security Analysis

Every day hackers work tirelessly to infiltrate the databases of legitimate sites across the internet. If your servers, website code and physical security do not conform to modern standards, you are setting your company up to be a victim. WebpageFX has developed solutions to the common problems that jeopardize company internet security. From downtime prevention to code security, our web development team can ensure your company is shielded from the efforts of hackers.
Find out what WebpageFX can do to secure your company’s information.

Mobile Web Development

As the web goes mobile, it has never been more important to make sure your website is fully visible and functional for mobile visitors. If your website was built years ago, it's likely it doesn't look its best on a mobile browser. WebpageFX can help you in the development of a mobile website that is its own entity or in modifying your existing site to be mobile-friendly through resizing and adjustments of the elements within.
Discover how a mobile website can help you reach even more potential customers.

iPhone App Development

iPhone applications are a great way to connect your company directly to your target audience, and as the number of iPhone users continues to grow at an accelerated rate, your company would do well to bring your iPhone app idea to fruition. The development team at WebpageFX is qualified and experienced in developing even the most complex iPhone applications and is ready to help you turn your innovative iPhone application idea into reality.
Learn about our iPhone app development capabilities.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development represents the fastest growing segment of the software development industry. With billions of cell phone users worldwide, the potential is staggering. Our knowledgeable developers and creative designers can implement web development applications for handheld devices of varying complexity. Our applications for handheld devices range from intricate networking applications to complex user interfaces. Our solutions for PDA's, Phones, iPhones, and Smart Phones can offer your business efficiency and decreased costs. As a leader in the web development industry, we have invested heavily in this industry, so our customers can capitalize on this tremendous opportunity.
Discover the possibilities of reaching billions of mobile users.

Website Call Tracking

Leads that come in via phone calls are difficult to track back to a specific source, and lead source identification is paramount in knowing where you should be focusing your advertising dollars. Since a large portion of your customers do in fact originate on the web, it's important you know what percentage of them do. That's why WebpageFX offers website call tracking. With this service, WebpageFX sets up a unique phone number that is placed on your website, PPC landing page or other online (or offline) assets and routes this number to your main phone line. With the implementation of this new number, we are then able to track all of these calls within Google Analytics, so you can better understand the origin of your leads.
Find out more about our website call tracking services.

Business Blog Web Development

Business blogging is the wave of the future, and our web development team is ahead of the curve. By adding a business blog to your company’s website, you can speak directly to your customers. From introducing yourself to establishing your reputation as an expert in the field, business blogs are the easiest way to communicate with your visitors. WebpageFX can design and develop your business blog, install it on your site, and promote it through our network of over 5,000 bloggers.
Learn more about what business blogging can do for your company.

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