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About Adrienne

Adrienne Erin is one of the few Carlisle natives at WebpageFX. At age 18 she left Carlisle for the Midwest, to study Studio Art at Kenyon College in Ohio. While there she discovered her love for the French language, and a year and a half after learning to say “Je m’appelle Adrienne” she studied abroad in Paris. Adrienne also graduated top of her class with a GPA of 3.79/4.00.

Before WebpageFX, Adrienne held a large variety of jobs, including four years at Kenyon’s Career Development Office, a semester as a Photoshop and Final Cut tutor, and an internship for a photographer in Paris. In her spare time, she evaluates resumes for young women through Dress for Success, participates in international mail exchanges, and voraciously reads true crime novels.

Adrienne was also the recipient of many awards throughout her collegiate career.

Elmer A Graham Endowed Scholarship - April 2011

Edith and Winthrop Toan Scholarship - 2009 - 2011

Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship - December 2010

Kenyon Academic Merit Scholarship - 2008 - 2010

Samuel L Hoover Memorial Scholarship - April 2008

What Adrienne Does At WebpageFX

When she’s not working on Pongra, an online magazine for which she is senior editor/founder that covers everything from business to lifestyle columns, she works as an Online Public Relations specialist for WebpageFX. She works in a team of four other individuals who love to meet new people and build relationships with others online. It's those relationships that give Adrienne satisfaction in her job, as well as providing her with a career. Her passion may have started with website design and development, but now it focuses on relationship building. She loves the people she’s met since embracing the internet full on.

As a result, those relationships have provided her with countless opportunities to share her perspectives and writing with the world. Adrienne is a social media citizen journalist for, writes a biweekly column on internet marketing for SiteProNews, and is always seeking new opportunities. If you're looking for some of her work online, you may have already seen it. If you're a Reddit fan, then you definitely have! Her work is currently featured as the top infographic of all time on Reddit, with nearly double the number of upvotes received by the second place infographic. Additionally her work has also been published on Star along with many other major internet publications, like Make Use Of and Screen Rant.

Fun Facts about Adrienne

Adrienne’s favorite genre of music is synth pop. Her favorite musical artists are Stars, Elliott Smith, and The Postal Service.

She studied Spanish for 7 years and can’t speak a word of it. On the other hand, she studied French for 3 and is functionally fluent. C’est la vie.

Her first website went online a few weeks after her 11th birthday, so she’s been a webmaster over half her life.

One of her most memorable trips while abroad was her visit to Pripyat, Ukraine, site of the Chernobyl Accident.

Adrienne on the Web

You can get in touch with Adrienne at [email protected]. If you prefer, you can socialize with her on Twitter or Pinterest. You can also check out Adrienne’s portfolio or read her postcard blog, where she writes about life and all the stuff she gets in the mail.

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