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Internet Marketing Ideas for Plumbers

Best Internet Marketing Ideas for Plumbers


Over the years, your plumbing business has probably gotten a lot of referrals from friends and family of satisfied customers. And while word of mouth can be a great source of customers, many people now turn to the Internet for recommendations. That makes the web an incredibly important part of any marketing plan for plumbers.

Online marketing can help your plumbing business find new customers, highlight customer testimonials, and spread the word about special promotions — among many other things. Read on to find out how, along with specific ideas you can starting using today.

Best Internet Marketing Ideas for Plumbers


Why Use Website Marketing for Plumbers?

Traditional marketing techniques, such as advertising in newspapers or on television, are expensive. They are also nowhere near as effective as Internet marketing for an industry that relies on word of mouth as much as plumbing. Every article you read about how to find the best plumber recommends reaching out to friends and family to get the name of a good plumber, but even for that, many people turn to online sources like social media. These factors make marketing for plumbers a perfect match for the Internet.

Establishing a social media presence and improving your website’s content can help your plumbing company stand out online, especially if your content is genuinely useful to potential customers. While Internet marketing ideas for plumbers go beyond those factors, they form a strong foundation for an overall marketing strategy.

You can also use site content and social media to build trust and relationships with clients that will already be established when you go into their homes to fix a clog or repair a leaky water line. Personal trust is incredibly important in any line of work that involves going into customers' homes, and the more they trust you, the more likely they are to use your services in the future. Using your web presence to reinforce that trust is one of the best Internet marketing ideas for plumbers.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the best online marketing ideas for your plumbing business:

Write a Blog

Your website should be more than just a place where a customer can find your phone number and a list of services. You should also provide useful tips and information, which is where a blog comes in handy. A blog can help you share information with your potential customers, and if the information helps them better understand your business or industry, you're actually helping yourself by creating an informed customer base. Of all the web marketing ideas for plumbers, a blog is the one that lets your audience most hear your voice directly.

Above all, you want your blog’s content to be practical. Ideally, people will refer back to it repeatedly if it provides a great service. For instance, you might post a list of foods and food byproducts that can clog up garbage disposals, such as potato peels and rice. People will return to your blog to reference this post, establishing your website as a valued resource in the plumbing field.

Once you have started your blog, you may want to reach out to other sites about guest blog posting opportunities. When you post on another blog, it benefits your site in two ways. First, it exposes other readers to your own blog. Second, it helps with link building and search engine optimization, which are extremely important parts of Internet marketing plans for plumbers.

Create Long-Form Content

There are two main types of content on the web: short-form and long-form. Short-form is generally limited to 500 words or less, and provides a brief explanation of a topic. Long-form is much more in-depth and can be several thousand words. Long-form content is written to serve as a resource for people that will reference the content over a long period of time.

By including long-form content on your site, you give potential customers the information they actually need. In the process, you’ll also win their trust. Some examples of long-form content for plumbers could include:

  • A glossary of common terms used by plumbers
  • Tips for preventing common plumbing problems, such as lowering high water pressure
  • What to expect when you need emergency plumbing services

Long-form content can be featured on your website’s homepage and referenced with links throughout your site. It’s also a great way to get other sites to link to you, which brings in more relevant traffic from potential customers.

Be Active on Social Media

Plumbing businesses sometimes worry that they are too niche to post on social media sites. However, these sites are ideal for a niche business, because they offer a chance to share resources and links that can assist customers. You can post links to articles your potential customers might find useful (and could even save you a bit of extra work down the road), like how to choose an energy-efficient toilet or pick the right kitchen faucet.

You can also use social media to interact with customers. Many people use sites like Facebook to leave reviews, and even a simple "thank you" can make a lasting impression. Your profiles are also a great way for potential plumbing customers to contact you. Many stumble across social networking sites during a search and do not even bother visiting your website.

Social media can also be used to set yourself apart from the competition. If you show your own personality and have fun with your feeds, rather than sounding like a robot (like many busiensses do on social media), your customers will start to see you as a business owner they want to work with.

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Start an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters allow your plumbing company to offer special deals to subscribers while also providing practical, usable content. Ask people to “opt in” to a newsletter by signing up for it on your website or social accounts, and maybe even consider mentioning it when you meet customers in person. Then, establish a regular publishing schedule, such as once a month, and do your best to stick to it.

When it comes to content, it’s smart to stick to the rule of four. Make one out of every four newsletter stories or topics about your company, but keep the rest more general and address other aspects of plumbing. This ensures that your subscribers not only are your customers staying aware of your business, but they're also staying informed about your industry.

An email newsletter will help your company stay in the minds of your customers, as your name will be in their inbox on a monthly basis. Then, when they happen to need a plumber, they'll know exactly who to call.

Get Involved in the Community

Years ago, a marketing plan for plumbers might have involved writing to local papers and other print publications for advertising space. The modern-day equivalent is getting involved with other sites in order to gain traction.

Find forums where people ask questions about common plumbing problems and answer them. Make sure every time you comment, you include the name of your company somewhere, even if it's just in your username. Don’t include your website link every time, however. You don’t want to be too aggressive, or you risk being labeled a spammer—or a company that is only interested in throwing its name out there rather than actually helping people.

Local news sites can also be a great place to leave comments if they have stories relevant to the plumbing industry. Avoid spamming the comment forums of every news article you see, but a relevant, well-placed piece of advice at the bottom of an article can be a great way to reach local readers.

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