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Internet Marketing Agency with a Two-Prong Approach

A typical Internet marketing agency will focus on increasing the number of visitors to your site. WebpageFX isn't a typical Internet marketing agency. While increasing the number of visitors to your site is important, it shouldn't be your only goal. That's why WebpageFX's two prong approach focuses on:

  • Optimizing your site to bring in more traffic, thus turning your visitors into customers
  • Meeting your business goals through carefully-crafted internet marketing strategies by industry experts at an elite internet marketing agency
  • Bridging the gap between traditional Internet marketing techniques (SEO) and new emerging media (social media)

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WebpageFX, a Google certified agency with proven digital marketing, advertising, and SEO solutions, focuses on increasing both the number of visitors and conversions of your website. After all, even if you get a million visitors to your site today, they're not worth much if they don't convert into customers.

As a premier Internet marketing agency, WebpageFX will:

Find More Visitors

Optimize your site to bring in more traffic

Convert More Traffic

Turn your visitors into customers

Keep reading to see the details of our digital marketing strategies and plans, and to learn what WebpageFX can do for you.

Some of Our Internet Marketing Successes:

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Attract More Visitors with SEO

Every day people learn new ways to use the Internet. Your potential customer looks up local traffic, the weather, and (most importantly) peeks around before buying your product.

If people can't find your website in a search, you won't get the visitors you need to make a profit. That's why we offer search engine optimization, or SEO, plans to improve your visibility in search. We'll help you optimize your website so it loads faster, ranks for your most relevant keywords, and attracts valuable links and social media shares. SEO is all about increasing your chances of showing up in search, and that's exactly what we'll do for you.

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The average Internet marketing agency knows that if your website isn’t listed at the top of the search engines for your market's keywords, your competitors are taking away a big chunk of your profits. By focusing on improving your search engine rankings, your Internet marketing agency can increase your website’s traffic. But it's not the only way people find you online.

Start Conversations with Social Media

Now newer content-retrieval systems are exploding in popularity. The so-called "social media revolution" is fully upon us, and you have the opportunity to engage with your customers in a way never before thought possible.

WebpageFX, an Internet marketing agency with proven social media strategies, can create the online buzz about your company that brings in the visitors. A successful and relevant viral social media post implemented by a cutting-edge Internet marketing agency like WebpageFX can drive thousands and thousands of visitors to your website.

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From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, WebpageFX's social media management plans will help you start real conversations with real fans. We know the power of social media, and we know ways to use it to not only communicate better with your fans, but to increase conversions and visitors to your website.

Increase Your Conversions with CRO Testing

Increasing visitors is where the typical interactive agency stops. But WebpageFX is not a typical agency. While the average Internet marketing agency talks about click-throughs and maximizing traffic, we take it a step further. We also focus on the important part of a website's success: conversions.

A good Internet marketing agency knows money doesn't grow on website traffic. You can have all the visitors in the world and still lose money. We know that your website's return on investment comes from conversions: sales, leads, or blog subscriptions to encourage future sales and leads.

WebpageFX uses conversion rate optimization, or CRO, testing to evaluate, test, and improve the conversion factors on your website. We can investigate where you're losing conversions and identify the best ways to regain them. We know the importance of CRO, and we'll do everything we can to use it to your advantage.

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A standard Internet marketing agency ignores conversions completely. It's a shame too; you work so hard to get a qualified customer on your site, but then your site can’t keep them around. A well-designed and usable site can do wonders for conversion rates. WebpageFX knows this. And we focus on this, every step of the way. That’s just one more factor that makes us an outstanding Internet marketing agency.

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