How to Start Selling Online in an Hour or Less

How to Start Selling Online in an Hour or Less

So you’re ready to start an ecommerce business. You have the perfect company name, a marketing plan, and products to sell. The only thing you need is a website.

As it turns out, you need this last piece of the puzzle fast. If you don’t start moving some of your inventory soon, you’re going to lose money, and that’s that exactly the opposite of what you set out to do.

3950879219_811c3773c0_bIf you’re scrambling to find robust ecommerce options that can also be set up quickly, I have a few ideas you can try. There are several options that will give you the tools you need to start selling online in an extremely short amount of time… say an hour or less. In fact, many of these options will not only give you a functional storefront in the shortest amount of time possible, but also throw in gorgeous themes and extra options that you might not expect from your first online store.

Let’s take a look at a few fast ecommerce platforms that will allow you to sell online quickly: the handmade paradise that is Etsy, the free WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, and three simple hosted ecommerce solutions, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Volusion. Each option will come with a list of its perks, drawbacks, and any fees or pricing you should know about, all of which will help you pick the one that’s best so you can sell online now!

Ready to start your store? Let’s begin!

Monitor Your Brand Online with These 7 Alert Tools

Monitor Your Brand Online with These 7 Alert Tools

It isn’t always good to know what everyone is saying about you. However, when it comes to your brand or your products, you probably want to know what’s being said, and hear about it right away. But should you comb the web every day with the small chance you’ll discover someone mentioning your name?

There are actually a handful of tools that will in fact do this for you. Set up brand monitoring alerts with these tools, and you’ll be notified the next time someone starts to talk about your company, products, or any other terms you may want to keep close tabs on.

Why Use Alerts?

megaphone-50092_640Knowing exactly when someone starts talking about a certain set of terms or keywords can be quite advantageous in many different areas. I’ll run over a few real quickly so you get some inspiration before digging into the tools to do so.

Build Links

If you are trying to build more links to your site (which you always should be), having alerts set up will help you track down those blog posts and articles that didn’t give you a link. You can then shoot them an email and ask politely if they would add a link to your brand mention.

Address Concerns

Timely customer service is often expected in today’s standards. Why not be alerted of complaints or grumblings online from bloggers and product reviewers so you can jump in on the conversation?

You’ll be able to address concerns, right any wrongs, and see how you can help the situation whenever possible. The timely response from your brand will speak highly of your customer service!

Say “Thanks!”

Sometimes just saying thanks or sharing a blog post you enjoyed on Twitter can impact the relationship you have with individuals who are talking about you. If a blogger had something good to say about your brand, why not share the post from your company’s account?

I won’t go into all of them, but the advantages of setting up alerts are countless. Matthew Woodward has a handful of good ideas on what to use them for if you are looking for some more advanced ideas. But for now, let’s dig into seven tools you can use to set them up!

What is the Real Cost of Computer Viruses? [Infographic]

What is the Real Cost of Computer Viruses? [Infographic]

Getting a virus or piece of spyware on your computer can be downright annoying. If you’re lucky, it’s easy to fix, or your software of choice catches it before it gets out of hand. If you’re not so lucky, you’re probably one of the 16 million Americans who have had a “serious” vulnerability in the last two years.

Although you already know viruses and computer worms are a bother, what you may not know is just what they cost US households and workplaces each year. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what Americans spend on virus protection and removal, and what these vulnerabilities really cost in lost money, time, and labor. We’re also looking back at the five most expensive computer vulnerabilities of all time, and the financial impact they had not just on the US, but the world as a whole.

Keep reading to check out the infographic!

Interview: Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Expert

Interview: Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Expert

Throughout our InterviewFX series, we’ve interviewed a lot of Internet marketers and we’ve interviewed a lot of authors. Joe Pulizzi is both. He’s one of the leaders behind the content marketing movement, and his book Epic Content Marketing is one of the best marketing resources out there.

We talked with Joe about content marketing, mistakes people make when starting out, and what makes content “epic” instead of just “good.” Check out what he had to say in 2015’s first interview!

A Year's Worth of Actionable Content to Improve Your Marketing [With Bonus PDF]

A Year’s Worth of Actionable Content to Improve Your Marketing [With Bonus PDF]

2014 was an incredible year for online marketing. We saw the continued rise of content marketing, an increased demand for responsive, mobile-friendly websites, and the creation of new trends like native advertising. SEO had its ups and downs, thanks to several Google updates, and multiple new PPC features made it easier than ever to reach customers with paid advertising.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends — and who could blame you, if you’ve been busy running your business? — you may be wondering how you can catch up in the shortest amount of time possible. Do you need to scour the Internet for blog posts that seem like they offer good advice, or download a hundred PDFs that may or may not help you improve your marketing? Nope.

PDF-coverHere at WebpageFX, we’ve already done all the hard work for you. We’ve carefully curated a collection of a year’s worth of amazing, actionable content that you can use to improve your marketing, starting today.

This collection of the year’s best content is split into seven categories, including SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and ecommerce. Each category includes a hand-picked selection of informative, helpful guides or articles that will help you learn ways to improve your online marketing. And as a bonus, we’ve created a downloadable PDF that includes links to extra blog posts and guides in each category, which gives you even more actionable content to try out.

Ready to start learning? Keep reading to see our collection of the year’s best content!

Watch the Internet in Real Time [Infographic]

Watch the Internet in Real Time [Infographic]

The amount of data that is transmitted in a single second online is simply staggering. Currently, 24,000 gigabytes are uploaded to the Internet each and every second. However, according to a report from Cisco, we could expect to see this number climb higher very soon. By 2016, the amount of monthly Internet data is forecasted to reach 91 exabytes (or 100 billion gigabytes). Wow.

At WebpageFX, we’re fascinated with the Internet and everything in it. That’s why we decided to put together an infographic showing what happens each second on some of your favorite services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, reddit, and Yelp. Click here to watch the Internet in real time now!