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Your website is your primary internet marketing tool. If they choose the right company for search engine optimization (SEO), Virginia businesses have a leg up on the competition. SEO strategies need to target the visitors that are most interested in your product and services. Otherwise, your website will not perform as well as it should.

To harness the power of SEO, VA companies need to know how their site is being used by potential and current customers. You need hard, statistical information to validate your SEO strategies. You need to know what is working and what can be done better.

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An essential key in knowing your website’s performance is the statistical analysis of your web-site traffic, also known as website metrics.

Tracking your website’s visitors is not enough. Analyzing the website marketing statistics provided by website tracking tools to understand the holes in your Virginia SEO campaign is what makes tracking visitors worth your time.

By knowing the specifics of your site’s visitors, you can tailor your SEO to Virginia customers especially to best serve your target audience. WebpageFX Analytics gives you a clear, information-packed report that you can easily use to gauge your website’s success.

Your website marketing statistics are provided to you in the form of spreadsheets and graphs, so you can quickly visualize where improvements can be made to your SEO plans to increase your site’s traffic or target your potential customers more cost-effectively. WebpageFX pores over the data and streamlines it into an incredibly useful internet marketing report, tailored to your Virginia-specific SEO plan.

WebpageFX Analytics provides you with specific website marketing statistics on your site’s visitors. By tracking visitors, you know how well your site is capturing your target audience. It answers the questions you have and the questions you never thought to ask, such as:

  • Who and how many visited your website?
  • What percentage came through search-engines? What combination of keywords and search engines led them to the site? Which pages did they visit and in what sequence? Where did they go?
  • Does the navigation in your website need improvement? Is it too complicated to conclude a sale?
  • What percentage of the visitors purchased your product or service?
  • Which geographical location constitutes your highest-spending consumer group?

Not only does the report illustrate how your site is performing now, it also shows you how well it could be performing if cost-effective adjustments were made to your SEO strategies. Please visit our SEO pricing and SEO cost pages for Virginia SEO pricing and packages.

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One way WebpageFX Analytics provides you with this information is through the careful analysis of your website’s SEO performance. Search engines, which are the direct path to your site for web site users, transform a potential visitor into a customer.

An essential element in internet marketing is optimizing your site for search engines so that you have a high search engine ranking. Without a high search engine ranking, your potential customers are lost to the competitors enjoying the benefits of being in the top search engine positions, the place you need to be.

WebpageFX Analytics studies your competition to learn what keywords they use to place them at the top of search engine rankings. Your industry and target audience is also analyzed and additional keywords, keywords that your competition has overlooked, are provided as cost-effective and ROI-increasing suggestions to put your competitors where they should be: below you in search engine rankings.

WebpageFX Analytics is also essential in measuring the effects of your marketing strategy and tactics. By knowing how your website performs before and after a particular change in your SEO campaign, you’ll know exactly how successful the strategy was. You’ll have website marketing statistics to back up your marketing efforts, from price changes and e-mail campaigns to a website redesign or keyword optimization.

Without proper analysis of the data, the website metrics are pointless. At WebpageFX, we use the data to figure out what your web site can be doing to take full advantage of the power of SEO. From the analysis, you know what an effective web strategy is for your business. While others using website metrics are left with bunch of numbers, you have a streamlined report of SEO statistics illustrating exactly how well your website is doing and what successful plans you have left untapped.

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