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The buzz is Google. Why? Because Google is the king of online searches at 79%. Taking into account the number of competitors in the market, this figure is exceptionally high.

Website owners and Internet Marketing specialists are on a quest to find the best Google SEO methods to get ranked high on Google search results. This article will explain how Google SEO algorithms are changing and how your site is being affected.

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Do You Want to Learn the Best Google SEO Strategies? Change Your Perspective.

The key to learning the best Google SEO methods is to think how Google thinks. It sounds simple, but often overlooked.

Google's goal is to create a search engine that performs as the human mind would. Their goal is to return results most relevant to their end-user. Based on this basic idea, you can defer how Google SEO algorithms rank websites.

How Google SEO Algorithms are Changing

Google is constantly working on improving its product. Google SEO algorithms are being updated to return better results for their customers. And, Google SEO specialists are continuously outsmarting those that are weakening their product: unethical users who try to position irrelevant websites.

In the past, Google SEO strategies focused on link building. The more links from credible websites to your site, the better. With link farms and link building schemes, Google SEO methods had to be refined.

Now, Google is paying close attention to the type, density, and frequency of links. If you're not careful, excess of links to your site, even from credible sites, can result in a Google SEO penalty.

Another Google SEO algorithm change is geared toward content. No longer does Google look at one single page and the keywords it contains. Google SEO algorithms review the page for accurate, fresh, and relevant content and if the page matches the rest of the content on your site.

What are the Best Google SEO Strategies for My Site?

The Google SEO algorithms of today use much of the same criteria as they have in the past. Just as before, your site should have a great navigational structure, SEO-friendly text with a good keyword density, valid HTML code, proper meta tags, credible links to your website, etc.

However, with the changes in the Google SEO algorithms, your SEO-friendly copy now needs to be updated regularly with accurate and unique content that is helpful to the visitor.

Moreover, your SEO-friendly copy needs to be connected throughout your site. Google SEO algorithms now look at a set of pages and compare their content to deem how relevant your website really is. This is called latent semantic indexing and it's a spammer’s enemy. The other criteria changed by Google SEO algorithm updates are links, inbound and reciprocal. Links now need to be created over a span of time. They also need to be varied in their link type: the number of reciprocal links needs to be comparative to the number of inbound links.

Moreover, link anchor text should also be varied; using the same keywords when creating reciprocal links will trigger Google SEO penalties. This is a lesson the real estate market learned the hard way.

Finally, your site needs to be a part of a community, proving your site has "word-of-mouth" credibility. This requires off-page optimization. You need to create a buzz about your website, using forums, blogs, press releases, social media outlets, and more. This tells Google SEO algorithms you're valid and popular and ultimately will be beneficial to searchers.

If you've practiced ethical Google SEO methods and have a website that provides a real service to your visitors, you should be excited about these Google SEO algorithm changes. Google SEO algorithm updates mean your ethical intentions will be rewarded by removing the cheaters, those using unethical Google SEO methods to rank higher than you.

If you've practiced unethical Google SEO methods, such as link building schemes and keyword stuffing, Google SEO algorithm updates are bad news for you.

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How WebpageFX can Implement the Best Google SEO Strategies for Your Site

Needless to say, Google SEO algorithms are complicated. And for good reason. Google doesn't want to be outsmarted by spammers. They want to reward websites that provide real information and products to visitors.

WebpageFX specializes in keeping abreast on the latest Google SEO algorithm updates and implementing the best Google SEO strategies for sites. Please visit our SEO pricing and SEO cost pages for pricing and packages.

We look at your site the way Google does. How old is it, how many links it currently has, the quality of content, etc. Based on your site, we can create a unique plan, the best Google SEO methods to get your site ranking higher on the most popular search engine.

What works for one site, may not be the best Google SEO strategies for your site. The needs of a new site are very different than an established site.

For instance, if you have a new site, your unique Google SEO plan would focus on creating original, quality content that targets long tail keywords that are less popular. If your site is well-established, your Google SEO plan would focus on improving your credibility with ethical and paced link-building and social media resources.

WebpageFX has a team of Internet Marketing Service Specialists that focus on best Google SEO Strategies. Our job, and passion, is to get sites ranked on Google the right way, the way that means continued superior placement even as Google SEO algorithms evolve.

Contact us online today or call 888-44W-EBFX to get your unique Google SEO plan.

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