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Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most effective ways to promote your dental practice online. Unlike most channels, social media marketing allows you to connect with patients on an informal, personal level.

This allows you to set your practice apart from your competitors and show your followers why they should come to you for their dental care. But for many dentists, it’s challenging to determine how to accomplish that goal.

On this page, we’ll explain six ways you can use social media to connect with your audience and bring new patients to your dental practice.

1. Post helpful tips and interesting news

As a dental professional, you’re much more informed about industry news than the majority of your patients. You probably already read news articles and online publications for industry information, and you can share any of them on your social accounts that your patients may find interesting.

Be selective with the content you share, though – after all, the average person is unlikely to be interested in highly technical articles. Instead, stick to sharing tips and information that they can easily use to improve their own dental health.

If you have a content marketing strategy in place, you can also use your social channels to share and promote your own original content. Blog posts, infographics, and other interesting content help your followers learn about dental health and show them that you’re an expert in your field.

2. Share photos of your team

Many people avoid making dental appointments because they seem unpleasant. Posting informal, “behind the scenes” photos from your office shows them that you offer a welcoming environment and that a checkup is a positive experience.

If your employees participate in community events or volunteer opportunities, you should also share photos of these. Showing a more laid back side of your practice is great for building relationships with patients and making them feel more comfortable with you.

Plus, showing that you care about local organizations is a great way to build a positive reputation within the community.

3. Tell your followers about important milestones and achievements

Has your practice won any awards recently? Have any of your employees hit important career milestones or earned recognition within the field?

These are all great accomplishments to share with your social media followers. When you highlight your practice’s successes, you build trust with your patients.

And who doesn’t like sharing their achievements with other people?

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4. Engage with your followers

Social media is an excellent tool for building relationships with current and potential patients, but only if you make it a priority to engage with your followers.

Respond in a timely manner whenever someone comments on one of your posts with a question, and do your best to provide a helpful answer. And when users leave positive comments on your photos and other posts, be sure to thank them for their support.

This shows your followers that you not only take the time to read their comments, but also appreciate them enough to respond. When your other followers see this on your accounts, they’ll be much more likely to leave comments of their own.

5. Manage your online reputation

Many people rely on the Internet for information and reviews about businesses, so it’s more important than ever to manage your online reputation. Social media plays a major role in this process because users often use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to voice their opinions – both positive and negative.

Facebook, in particular, has an entire section on business pages dedicated to reviews. Users can rate your business on a scale from 1-5, then leave comments explaining their rating.

It’s up to you whether to respond to each of your positive reviews individually, but doing so encourages other users to leave reviews of their own. In the case of negative reviews, on the other hand, you’ll want to respond to almost all of them.

Reach out to users who leave negative reviews and learn why their experience was unsatisfactory. Ask what you could’ve done differently, or what you can do to make the situation right.

This shows that you care about your patients’ happiness and you don’t ignore their concerns. And even if these users don’t respond to your questions, showing your other followers that you value their opinions can go a long way in building their trust in you.

6. Promote events

If you run, sponsor, or participate in events in your community, Facebook is a great way to promote them. Make a Facebook event, share it on your page, and encourage your followers to attend.

This makes it easy to get the information out there and make people aware of your event at no cost at all. Plus, Facebook automatically sends event reminders to their users – so once they RSVP, you can be sure they’ll remember.

Ready to create a social media marketing strategy for your practice?

Successfully using social media as a marketing tool requires you to create a strategy, plan your content, and regularly monitor and respond to your followers. If you’d like to start using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach new patients, WebpageFX can help.

Our social media team has years of experience creating effective strategies on all major platforms, and they’ll work with you to create a custom strategy for your practice. They’ll create original content, manage your pages, and make recommendations for improving your social media presence.

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