Prebiotin is the developer and manufacturer of industry-leading and medically credible nutritional supplements, including prebiotic supplements for digestive health, weight management, and regularity. This product line needed a website that would help curious visitors learn about the benefits, get educated, and go on to make a purchase. When Prebiotin called on WebpageFX for help, we knew we were up to the task.

WebpageFX created a fully responsive website design for Prebiotin that automatically scaled up or down to display properly on monitors and devices of any size. The design makes browsing the Prebiotin shop easy on any device, and also offers a smooth transition between screen sizes for those who may begin learning about the product on their phone and later resume their search on a desktop. Additionally, the finalized web design is fully integrated with a custom CMS, allowing the Prebiotin team to easily make updates, add new products, and change content on the website as needed.

To ensure that this product line got all the exposure it needed to succeed, WebpageFX’s SEO services came in to add the finishing touch to the website. Our SEO expertise allows the Prebiotin website to be more easily found in searches for their targeted keywords and phrases, and also ensures that the website is kept up to date with all the trends and requirements that will keep it highly ranked as time goes on.

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