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When it comes to marketing the world’s #1 Mustang parts retailer, there are a lot of moving parts to keep up with. Fortunately, we’ve never met a challenge we weren’t willing to meet head-on. Find out how our full service marketing plans have helped take CJ Pony Parts straight to the top.

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Meet CJ Pony Parts

Founded in 1985 by two car-loving friends, CJ Pony Parts has spent 30 years offering Mustang drivers a wide variety of OEM, NOS, and aftermarket products. Located in Central Pennsylvania, the rise of ecommerce allowed this business to grow into the world’s top provider of Mustang parts, as well as an authority in the automotive industry.


  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • CRO
  • Content
  • Infographics

The Design Process

The goals

The goal of the CJ Pony Parts website is to give Mustang owners easy access to the aftermarket parts and products they need to improve their vehicle.

On both mobile and desktop, the website’s menu and search options allow shoppers to browse directly to the specific year range their Mustang falls into. The available parts and products can be filtered from there. This gives shoppers quick access to the products they need, no matter where they’re shopping from.



Conversion-Focused ECommerce Design

With their ecommerce website, CJ Pony Parts places a large focus on providing all the information a potential customer could need when purchasing a part for their Mustang. This is done through the addition of product-focused copywriting, product photos and videos, and installation guides.

By providing a multitude of information and photos, the CJ Pony Parts store is able to make buying aftermarket products a simple process instead of an enormously complicated one, increasing conversions and the number of happy customers.

Customers can also ask questions about products and get answers from CJ Pony Parts staff, all without ever leaving the page.

A Focus On Search

Organic Search Engine Optimization

CJ Pony Parts relies on WebpageFX for its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The client has a custom SEO package that consists of quarterly SEO audits, keyword analysis, link building, and ongoing content creation.

Working with WebpageFX has given CJ Pony Parts the ability to rise to the top spot in searches for Mustang products and accessories. With a well-rounded approach to link building, unique content creation, and regular SEO audits to identify new keyword opportunities, this company has experienced an enormous amount of success in organic searches.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

CJ Pony Parts initially contacted WebpageFX in 2011 about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management. Since then, we’ve grown our focus to include PPC ad creation and management, as well as multi-channel remarketing and keyword targeting planning.

Innovative Content Marketing

Long-Form Content

Content marketing has played a huge role in the growth of CJ Pony Parts. A large amount of the success has stemmed from the creation and distribution of long-form content pieces, like how-to guides and detailed blog posts.

WebpageFX creates these content pieces, uploads them, and optimizes them for the appropriate long-tail keywords to give them the best chance of being found in search. Content is also easily sharable on social media, which increases the traffic directed to each page.


CJ Pony Parts relies on WebpageFX to design Mustang and vehicle-related infographics that are hosted on its blog. These infographics have seen enormous reach across the Internet, picking up links from authoritative websites, news sites, and more.

Samples of our infographic design

Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic Clickable thumbnail of an infographic


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