APPI Energy

APPI Energy has been a provider of commercial, independent energy consulting and procurement services since 1996. The company focuses on helping its many customers, including manufacturers, healthcare facilities, banks, nonprofit organizations, and other companies find cleaner, greener, and more affordable energy sources that will allow them to reduce and manage their energy costs.

WebpageFX’s goal, when approached by APPI, was to create a clean, compelling, and highly professional website design that would convey the company’s mission and purpose clearly. We accomplished this by combining a smooth sliding section of images with calls to action with a section that explained APPI’s purpose and experience. The homepage is clean, simple, and easy to use.

Additionally, WebpageFX created a dedicated mobile website for APPI Energy so that customers researching commercial energy consultants on the go, or looking for APPI specifically from their mobile devices, are able to access the same information without difficulty. The mobile website has the same look and feeling, and is very easy to use and navigate even on the smallest screens.

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