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It’s as large as life, and twice as natural. Lewis Carol

When we speak of the amazing combination of text, graphics, sounds, and movies in your website, aren’t you awed with the dazzle and sparkle that technology has offered in the name of ‘multimedia’? Imagine the impact you are about to receive when your clients see your irresistible animated (even interactive) presentations/catalogs, complete with video, photos, text, and even a voice-over or soothing music! Do the boring, similar-looking printed collateral pieces of your competitors stand anywhere in comparison?

In case you have an industry with multiple locations around the nation or world:

A dynamic multimedia application can even include a tour of your production facilities so that you gain more credibility in the eyes of your prospects who have never had a chance to visit your locations. You could have an e-catalogue complete with pictures and specifications and give your viewers an option to find the product they are looking for.

However, will you trust just any web design company creating animated websites to enhance your web presence with motion graphics services?

Most website designers provide a standard web site, a flash web site, or a hybrid of the two, lacking visual excitement, which seldom delivers enhanced communication with your customers.

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
image of heavy equipment
Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 60%
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What is the WebpageFX difference?

Our outstanding Harrisburg web developer and design team take pains to breathe new life into your message by creating eye-catching, relevant graphic design. If you are the one who wouldn’t settle for less than exquisite graphic design for marketing and communications, we have the artistry and technical expertise to get the job done for you. Whether it's a complete website, multi-media presentation, or an online marketing design service that you require, the creative genius of our web design team will leave no stone unturned to please you!

Entire flash websites, with flash intros, flash banners, streaming audio, virtual tours, dynamic pages, web applications and amazing presentations are part of our interactive solutions that make for an ideal medium to reflect our creativity and in turn, enhance your web presence to the world!

Whatever business you have your website must incorporate attractive graphics and animation to promote your products/services. Like most innovative web design houses, we use Macromedia’s Flash Pro for creating interactive animation that further enhances your website with motion graphic services. At the same time, our design team is capable of producing interactive CD-ROMs and corporate presentations for clients, with eye-catching video, graphics, compelling content, voice-overs, and music. Our flash designers are also experts in creating outstanding audio-visual catalogs for product launches, displays, trade fairs, etc.

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