The Internet in Real Time

LinkedIn, the social media site for professionals, has become a hotbed of activity for those looking for coworkers to connect with, recommendations to add to their profile, new career opportunities, and now even content to read and share. In 2012, professionals performed more than 5.7 billion searches on LinkedIn, which breaks down to more than 180 searches per second.

Source: LinkedIn

Swipe left, swipe right. Dating app Tinder’s explosive growth has resulted in more than 600 million swipes per day, which means there’s something like 6,944 swipes happening each and every second.

Source: TechCrunch

In February 2013, Snapchat was hosting 60 million messages per day. Now, as of May 2014, users are sending upwards of 700 million photos and videos through the app daily – or about 8,100 every second. Stories, introduced in 2014, receive a total of 500 million views per day, meaning about 5,787 are viewed every second.

Sources: Business Insider, The Verge

Amazon closed its 2013 fiscal year with $74.4 billion dollars in net sales, which breaks down to $2,361 in sales per second. If you think that’s impressive, consider this: the site broke its own record on Cyber Monday 2013, reportedly selling up to 426 items per second at its peak. The site had previously recorded selling 306 products per second in 2012.

Source: Amazon

As of 2013, Google was seeing over 2.1 trillion searches from both desktop and mobile devices annually. This breaks down to more than 68,000 searches being performed every second. On the advertising side of things, Google reported earning more than $50 billion in ad revenue in 2013, netting them around $1,602 in profit per second – not as much as Amazon, but still a pretty huge number!

Sources: Statistic Brain, Google

Kickstarter’s 2013 roundup reported that a total of 3 million people pledged $480 million to more than 19,000 successfully funded projects. Approximately $1.3 million was pledged each day, which breaks down to $913 every minute. Another fun fact: 975 ambitious people backed more than 100 projects on the site!

Source: Kickstarter

According to dropbox, this cloud storage platform has more than 300 million users who save approximately 1 billion files every 24 hours. 97% of Fortune 500 companies use the app – impressive for a piece of software less than ten years old!

Source: Dropbox

According to WordPress, between blogs hosted on and self-hosted blogs with the Jetpack plugin, there are 42.6 million new blog posts published every month. More than 409 million people read over 18 billion pages on blogs each month. As of October 2014, over 63 million comments are posted monthly, compared to 36 million just one year before.

Source: WordPress

Apple’s App Store, which turned six in July 2014, now offers iOS users more than 1.2 million free and paid apps for download to multiple devices. Since the App Store’s inception, apps have been downloaded more than 75 million times, which averages out to something in the neighborhood of 800 downloads per second.

Source: TechCrunch

In Q2 2014, a study by The Diffusion Group found that total Netflix streaming time had risen to 5.1 billion hours during this three month period. This breaks down to 655 hours worth of video data being streamed by viewers every second of every day. The group also found that the average user watches more than 90 minutes worth of video on the service every day.

Source: The Diffusion Group

Between February and December of 2013, 15.31 billion hours of music were streamed on Pandora. A little math breaks this down to 532 hours worth of music being streamed each second – the equivalent of The Dark Side of the Moon being played 742 times.

Source: Statista