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Internet Marketing Ideas for Startups

Your great idea for a business is finally coming to fruition. So how will you let customers know you exist? Sure, you can run an ad or two, spend countless hours prospecting clients, or put together an all-out in-person event. But are these traditional methods really the best way to market your business?

If you want to get information about your startup out quickly, Internet marketing is a great place to begin. Not only will your business have access to the largest possible customer base when marketing online, you can also benefit from long-term exposure that isn’t available in traditional advertising.

Internet Marketing Ideas for Startups


Why Internet marketing works for startups

Whether you’re working with a shoestring budget or millions in funding, the benefits of Internet marketing for startups remain the same. A scalable solution with minimal initial cost, Internet marketing can boost traffic to your website, increase lead generation, and help customers move down the sales funnel while promoting brand awareness.

What to do before you start marketing online

One of the most difficult tasks for a startup marketer is establishing trust with potential customers. Because there is no company history or reputation, breaking through a customer’s shield of skepticism can be challenging. The key to overcoming this barrier is to hone in on the customer experience and personalize interactions.

When a marketing message is expertly crafted to specifically speak to your audience, it tends to rise above the competition and make an impact. This is the effect your Internet marketing strategies should have.

Develop a brand voice

Write down a few terms that describe your startup. Is it fun, professional, high end, or casual? After interacting with a digital marketing message, should your audience feel informed, relieved, supported, or confident? Maintaining consistent cross-channel brand messaging positively affects the public’s perception of your business, and you should establish what that message is before doing any Internet marketing for your startup.  

Identify your target audience

Who is your startup serving? Whether your target audience consists of consumers or other businesses, establishing target buyer personas is the first step to finding your customers online. Consider what your audience’s behaviors, problems, and demographics are before launching marketing strategies.

Create a responsive website

Effectively marketing your startup means you need a place for your brand to live online—and that place is your website. A valuable piece of digital real estate, your website must be responsive to multiple devices, visually appealing, and well-organized to encourage visitors to stay and return.

Choose the appropriate channels

After you’ve developed a website and identified your target audience, your next step is choosing the appropriate channels by which to reach out to customers. For example, it might be more beneficial to contact prospective B2B clients on LinkedIn than it would be to connect with the same audience on Facebook.

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Internet marketing ideas for startups

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start developing Internet marketing ideas. Tailor the following ideas to your startup’s audience to make a digital impact, establish authority, and build your customer base.

Create content partnerships

Forming content partnerships with established digital publications can quickly increase your brand’s authority and enhance customer trust. Reach out to influencers who would be willing to exchange meaningful, focused guest posts for enhanced web visibility. In addition to increasing site traffic, this tactic gives your startup an opportunity to showcase expertise while adding value.

Give away free stuff

Everyone likes free stuff, and giving it away doesn’t have to be expensive for new businesses. Consider publishing an e-book, template, or download designed to solve a problem your ideal customer is experiencing. Then, promote your gift via social media to attract visitors to your site while developing your brand’s authority as an industry expert.

Use social media strategically

Social media is a free way to gain exposure for your brand, and extremely easy if you’re already familiar using the more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the startup phase, using social media strategically promotes brand awareness, recognition, and credibility while serving as an outlet for content distribution. Consider starting a branded hashtag campaign or hosting live Q&A sessions via social media to engage prospective customers. 

Get started with email marketing

An unfortunate mistake many startups make is waiting too long to start capturing emails. In the startup phase, it might seem like starting an email marketing campaign is pointless, but it’s entirely the opposite. Whether you’re exchanging a free gift for an email address or encouraging opt-ins on a landing page, gathering emails in the early stages of your business forges a relationship that can be nurtured for years to come.

Participate in a forum

Discussion boards and forums offer your startup an opportunity to weigh-in on trending industry topics, build credibility, and get your brand’s name in front of a select audience. As a bonus, commenting and posting in forums regularly can generate quality links back to your site, which boosts SEO, brand visibility, and provides free PR.

Publish press releases

Internet marketing for startups doesn’t need to be fancy or time consuming when you put a twist on an old favorite: press releases. With hundreds of press release distribution outlets available (not to mention numerous ways to repurpose press releases), digitizing traditional PR is a great way to promote brand awareness while producing fresh content.

Launching a startup is both scary and exciting, but effective marketing can make it all worth the effort. Concentrate your marketing resources on tasks that will target, engage, inform, and entertain your audience to maximize results.

If you need help marketing your startup, feel free to contact us! We offer a variety of plans and services, and our talented team is more than happy to develop a strategy for growing your business online.

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