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Need More Customers? Try These Ideas for Marketing Your Travel Agency

While the Internet has worked to streamline many processes, it has, in addition, turned into a crowded marketplace for travel agencies. Not only are you competing for clicks and revenue, but you’re also competing with hotel chains and airlines that sell their products directly from their website. Your agency needs a robust marketing strategy to stay afloat.

This page provides a breakdown of the benefits of marketing a travel agency, as well as some useful travel agency marketing tips that you can start implementing now to generate more revenue for your business.

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Why Do Travel Agents and Agencies Need a Marketing Plan?

Businesses in every industry are dealing with increased competition, and travel agencies are no exception. It’s difficult to find new clients and even harder to hold onto them. However, you can do both with an effective marketing strategy.

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A travel agency marketing plan sets up a step-by-step process that enables your business to increase its reach to potential clients. If you’re not actively marketing your business, you’re missing an opportunity to do the following:

Build a Value Proposition

You and your competitors have all lost sales to booking sites. Why call a travel agent when you can get a cheap flight, car, or hotel room online? However, content marketing and other online marketing tactics give you a forum to explain why the services of your travel agency are still valuable for travelers.

Creating content allows you to inform your potential customers in many ways. Your website content shows website visitors that you're knowledgable in your field of tourism, why you're the best option, and even provides useful information that will be beneficial to them.

informative content shows value

When you create content based around these topics, you'll show your travel agency's value.

Differentiate Your Brand

Not all travel agencies are alike. Some cater to a specific type of traveler, while others focus on a particular region of the world. What does your agency provide that others can’t? You can answer this question with a comprehensive marketing strategy, as well as a great looking website.

Your Internet marketing strategy will help to advertise your travel agency in a way that highlights its strengths and differences. You can create ads that showcase a special promotion that no other agency does, or you could write a blog about how you've accumulated more than 1,000 satisfied customers - something no other agency has done.

Your web design can also showcase your uniqueness by creating awareness for your brand through a unique color scheme, graphics, and more.

highlight what makes your brand unique

Generate Leads

Unless you’re actively marketing your agency, you have no way of knowing whether people are looking for travel advice or assistance booking a trip. Creating targeted messages for relevant channels helps you reach prospects when they need you most, generating great leads for your business.

If you fail to generate specific leads, you're basically counting on luck for customers to find you!

Create Customer Loyalty

You’ve provided valuable services to customers in the past, what are you doing to bring them back? No matter how good your services are, you can’t always assume a happy customer will come back to you when they want to take another trip. You have to run an up-to-date marketing campaign that gives them a reason to come back.

an up-to-date marketing plan will keep customers coming back

Now that you know what marketing can do for your agency, the next step is figuring out how to do it. Travel agency marketing ideas cover a wide range of different topics, and it’s Important to pick the methods and strategies that work best for your business. Keep reading for suggestions on how to get your agency’s name and website in front of prospective travelers.

What Are the Most Effective Methods for Marketing a Travel Agency?

Travelers are always on the lookout for an exciting adventure at a good value, but they also want to know they’re working with a trustworthy professional who can guide them safely through their journey. Your marketing plan is doing its job if it is providing your customers with that confidence.

Of course, this doesn't happen overnight. Remember, you're not just marketing travel options, you're marketing your ability to put together a fantastic trip; just like every other travel agency on the web. This means you have to work hard to stand out from the competition and rank highly on search engines.

You’ll be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract more leads if you start following the most successful travel agency marketing tips that we have to offer. These travel marketing ideas are proven to show results so you can be sure you’re reaching out to a wide customer base.

Start a Blog

Whether they’re planning their next journey or just fantasizing about it, travelers love to read about the exciting adventures other people have taken. Create a blog on which visitors can read about all the beautiful destinations your agency has to offer.

Who writes the posts? You can write about the trips yourself, or encourage customers to write about their adventures and accept them as guest posts.

blog about trips youve taken or accept guest posts

Create Social Media Profiles

Do you notice how many vacation photos your friends post on Facebook? That’s because people love to brag about their travels on social media. Build a page on sites like Facebook and Instagram where people post stories, photos and videos of their most recent adventures.

You can also use these pages to promote special deals and share stories from satisfied customers, sometimes seeing is believing and a potential traveler may be more likely to jump on a travel deal if they’ve just finished viewing some beautiful vacation photos!

Send an Email Newsletter

Email is a great way to generate leads and keep people informed of news and updates concerning your company. The center of your email marketing strategy should be a weekly or monthly newsletter to keep your company fresh in the minds of your customers.

What should you put in your email newsletter? You can promote exclusive seasonal packages, announce hot deals from airlines and other travel partners, or post helpful travel tips from your agents. Use your e-newsletter as a showcase for everything your website has to offer travelers!

Host a Contest

Everyone loves the possibility of winning something. A contest will motivate people to get involved with your agency. Don’t just ask people to enter with their email addresses—make them work for the prize!

contests are exciting to customers

Ask for a photo gallery or video of their best vacation. Ask them to write 500 words describing their dream getaway, or get creative and ask them to account their trip from hell. They’ll love sharing their stories and they may come back to plan their next trip, even if they don’t win!

Don’t Have the Time to Promote Your Agency Online? We Can Help

We hope you take some of these ideas and put them into practice for your travel agency; we have seen them help businesses grow! Conversely, we know how time-consuming and complex online marketing can be. It takes a lot of effort to manage a website, email, social media and content.

If you’re doubting your personal marketing skills, WebpageFX can help. We’ve assisted more than 500 clients with their internet marketing, offering everything from comprehensive online marketing packages to website redesigns. If you need the guidance of an expert company with experience making businesses stand out online, we’re here for you!

Our team of experts knows how to develop travel agency marketing ideas, implement them, and measure the results. We’ll work with you to develop a solid marketing strategy that keeps your agency at the head of the pack to aspiring travelers. Give us a call or contact us online to find out what we can do for you!

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