How Insurance Agencies Can Get More Clients Online

Your insurance agency needs new leads to grow. Without them, you lose clients to your competition, and that means you risk losing your business permanently.

But instead of relying exclusively on high-cost lead generation methods, you can use a more affordable option to grow your business: the Internet.

When you generate leads online, you pay a fraction of the initial investment cost compared to traditional lead generation strategies. Plus, online lead generation can happen at any time of the day or night — it doesn’t depend on your business hours, employee vacations, or any other human factors. With online lead generation, your insurance agency can get new clients at any second of the day. 

How online lead generation works

Lead generation is nothing new in the world of insurance sales, but the Internet has made it much easier for any insurance agency to get new leads locally, nationally and even internationally. That’s because online lead generation has no built-in limits, and you can automate it to follow up with potential clients.

Some of the most common types of online lead generation methods include:

Contact forms

Contact forms are one of the best ways to generate new leads. These forms only take a few minutes for your web developers to create, and their potential payoff is huge.

Contact forms are small areas of a page where visitors can enter their name, email address, and other personal information to get emails from you later. Those emails can be anything from newsletters to updates of your product line. Regardless of what you send them, it’s just important that you’re staying in contact with a potential client.

To get the most out of your contact forms, have them on every page of your site. That includes your homepage, article pages, company information page, and more. Every page on your site has the potential to create a new client, and every lead you miss is another one for your competition.

Contact information

Sometimes, a potential client doesn’t want to give you their personal information to hear from you. Instead, they want to contact you directly. That’s why it’s important for you to list your company name, address, and phone number on every page on your site.

This information works best when it’s included in the footer of your pages. That way, it doesn’t get in the way of a visitor finding what they want on your site. At the same time, they can easily find out how to talk to you when they’re ready to talk about insurance.

Use calls to action

Now that you have all of your contact forms and information, it’s time to make sure people use them. Calls to action (CTAs) are some of the best ways to increase your conversion rate on any page of your site.

A CTA is a final sentence on a page that tells visitors what to do after they’re done with their page. In your case, that means contacting you for more information about insurance.

While it may sound excessive to tell visitors to contact you, this strategy works wonders when it comes to generating new leads. Without a CTA, you risk losing more of your visitors to competition because they simply don’t see what they should do next.

Use “power words”

“Power words” are strong, relatable verbs that help people understand what you’re offering.

Some of the most common power words are:

  • Have
  • Get
  • Feel
  • Boost
  • Overcome
  • Discover
  • Beat

There are definitely more, but these are great words to use for any company. When you use them, you’re showing potential clients exactly what they can expect from your insurance. Whether that’s “Feel comfortable on an adventure” with health insurance or “Drive comfortably” with auto insurance, you’re giving someone an idea about what you do while encouraging them to do it.

Test your pages

Now that you have these parts of your page set up, it’s time to test them.

Testing is as easy as using a third-party site to A/B test different ideas you have to generate leads. That can include rewording your call to action, choosing different power words, adding more text, using more white space, and lots of other potential ideas.

Basically, if you want to try something new on your site, you can do it confidently when you test.

A/B testing is one of the most common forms of testing, and it works best when you’re testing the effectiveness of one element at a time. That way, you can be sure that a certain change to an element on your page is responsible for an increase (or decrease) in leads.

You can constantly test parts of your pages to make sure you’re getting as many leads as possible from each page. The more time you spend testing, the better results you’ll see from your conversions.

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