3 Effective Lead Generation Techniques for HVAC

In order to position your HVAC company as a leader in your industry, a steady flow of new leads is extremely important. Without them, your HVAC company will have little opportunity to grow, and a far lesser chance of becoming an industry leader.

New leads are your opportunity to create loyal, life-long relationships that allow you to serve and impress your clients – but you have to attract them first.

With the use of pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and other Internet marketing strategies, your HVAC company will be able to attract high-quality leads.

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Why do HVAC companies need lead generation?

There are a few main reasons why HVAC companies need lead generation to thrive. Here are a few of the most important.


No matter what industry you’re in, there is always competition – companies that are trying just as hard as you are to ensure that their business grows.

If you sit back and allow your competition to attract all of your leads, your HVAC company risks losing valuable potential customers.

It helps you attract the most qualified leads

Lead generation is targeted – meaning that the strategies used to generate leads utilize different targeting techniques to ensure that the leads coming to you are ones that have a high chance of becoming a client.

For example, with SEO and PPC campaigns, you can take advantage of target keywords that allow you to show up in search results when people search specifically for HVAC services.

Instead of leaving your leads up to chance, lead generation techniques allow you to reach people who are most likely to become customers.

The best lead generation strategies for HVAC

There are many ways for your HVAC company to attract leads, but here are a few of our favorites.

1. SEO

SEO is one of the best strategies to attract qualified leads to your HVAC company.

With SEO, you’ll be able to improve your HVAC company’s website in order to develop your online presence and rank higher in search engines like Google.

The generation of leads for your website is highly dependent on how easily people can find your HVAC company’s website, and ranking highly in search results will ensure that you’re one of the first HVAC options users consider.

Though SEO is a strategy in itself, there are many techniques that allow it to be a successful lead generation tactic.

First and foremost, SEO involves extensive content creation that targets some of your most valuable industry keywords.

When someone searches Google for “HVAC companies in Harrisburg,” or “heating companies near me,” it’s crucial that your website has a piece of content that specifically targets those keywords.

search results for hvac harrisburg

You’ll want to start by doing keyword research to see what the most important keywords are in your area, and then inject them naturally into your content. You can use tools like keywordtool.io, or ubersuggest.io.

When you use valuable keywords in your content, you can boost your search result rankings for those keywords when users search for them.

SEO also ensures that your website provides a great customer experience. Google ranks websites by how beneficial and informational their content is, and how relevant it is for any given search query. However, user experience is definitely part of the equation.

Without great user experience – things like a descriptive navigation bar, the use of photos and graphics, and interactive elements – it’s unlikely that your HVAC website will rank highly in search results because it isn’t the most satisfying result for users.

2. PPC

PPC is another great way to generate leads for your HVAC company.

PPC is type of paid advertising that allows you to target your industry’s most important keywords – similar to SEO. However, where SEO can take a while to show results, PPC works immediately.

PPC works on an auction system which allows you to bid on the keywords you for which you want to rank. For example, if you wanted to place an ad that shows up when someone types “HVAC advice,” you could bid on how much you’re willing to pay for that keyword.

hvac harrisburg ad

If you’re the highest bidder on that specific keyword, your HVAC company’s ad will show up in Google -above the organic results - when someone types that query.

The best part about PPC is that you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. This makes this strategy extremely cost-effective and very affordable.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing can help you drive qualified leads to your HVAC website.

In order to start an email campaign, you first have to gather a list of subscribers, and to do so, you can use things like contact forms on your site.

The biggest benefit of email marketing is that you know the subscriber is already interested in your services, because they signed up via a form on your website. This means they were already there looking at HVAC services.

Email marketing is a golden opportunity to guide potential customers all the way down the sales funnel, and turn them into a loyal client.

You can target your emails so that different messages go to the recipients who would find them most beneficial, and therefore, be most likely to become a client based on the info you share with them.

For example, if someone filled out a contact form on your pricing page, you could send an email linking them to the many different pricing options you have, a blog post about how to finance your services, and more items related to budget.

Not only will the recipient know that you care about them, but they’ll also see that you’re willing to serve them exactly what they need.

What lead generation strategy is best for my HVAC company?

All of the lead generation strategies mentioned on this page will increase the number of leads you receive for your HVAC company.

However, we would recommend a combination of all three in order to get the best results.

Without a strong SEO campaign for your website, it’s nearly impossible to get potential customers to arrive on your site, because you are essentially invisible in search engines. So SEO is the place to start.

While SEO takes a while to show results, PPC is a great option to use in tandem with SEO since it works almost immediately. By targeting your most valuable keywords with your PPC ads, you’ll be able to get potential visitors to visit your HVAC website for a budget-friendly cost.

Lastly, email marketing is a great lead generation and lead nurturing technique. It’s great to generate quality leads because it targets customers with things you already know they’re interested in, based on what page they filled out a contact form.

It’s also great for lead nurturing because it allows you to stay in contact with leads that may not be ready to convert right away, but may in the future.

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