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Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

Consumers are beginning to understand the value of sound financial advice, and they’re looking for someone to provide it. The challenge is convincing them to turn to you instead of one of your competitors. This requires a good marketing strategy that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

Whether you’re an independent professional or part of a larger firm, your marketing goal is twofold: to turn prospects into clients, and to keep them coming back to you for all their financial needs. These goals take time to accomplish, so you need to devise a long-term strategy to keep clients satisfied while continuing to attract new business.

On this page, you’ll learn why you need to develop a marketing strategy for your business, and get an overview of some of the best marketing strategies for financial advisors.

Financial Advisor Marketing Tips


Why Do Financial Advisors Need a Marketing Strategy?

A 2012 survey conducted by ClientWise found 86 percent of financial advisors don’t have a consistent marketing strategy. As a result, they’re not doing what they need to do to raise their profiles, develop a reliable client base, or ensure long-term success for their practices. Put simply, a marketing strategy is essential for staying in business.

The best marketing strategies for financial advisors enable these professionals to achieve a wide range of strategic goals. They include the following components.

Raising Awareness

Even if you’ve been providing reliable financial advisory services for several years, many qualified prospects still don’t know who you are. They won’t know unless you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that helps you introduce yourself to individuals in need of assistance managing their money.

Building a Distinctive Brand

You are one of thousands of financial advisors seeking clients. Why should they trust you with their finances? What can you provide that others can’t? A marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to differentiate your practice from the competition and deliver a unique and compelling brand proposition.

Establishing Credibility

Although many financial advisor marketing tips are meant to secure more business, many of them start by highlighting the advisor’s qualifications, and that’s often the best way to go. In a field like yours, credibility is everything. Unless your marketing strategy helps you build credibility, your chances of succeeding are slim.

Encouraging Interaction

Even when prospects are in the market for your services, they may not reach out unless invited to do so. A marketing strategy extends these invitations with calls to action and personalized communications that encourage clients to get in contact and establish a relationship.

What Can Financial Advisors Do to Market Their Services?

The goal of your marketing strategy should be twofold: first, to establish yourself as a trusted source of advice, and second, to convert more leads into clients. This means creating opportunities to showcase your expertise and initiate communications with potential clients.

Here are some financial advisor marketing tips that will help you achieve both of your goals.

Participate in Industry Events...

While online marketing has taken off, in-person networking is still an effective way to meet many potential clients at once. Take advantage of speaking opportunities at conventions and conferences to make a great first impression.

If you can’t secure these opportunities, introduce yourself to fellow attendees and try to schedule appointments afterwards.

...or Host Your Own

If you can’t attend these events, try hosting your own. A half-day workshop held in your office could attract dozens of high net worth individuals. That same workshop held online, in the form of a webinar, could attract hundreds.

Make sure the topic is relevant to your target audience, and that you’re able to demonstrate your expertise through interesting sessions and valuable takeaways like worksheets and investment guides. You can even follow up with an email to ensure that your audience has all their questions answered.

Start a Blog

Search engines rely on a large number of factors to determine how they rank financial websites, but one of these factors is content. Google prefers websites that have fresh, relevant, lengthy, and keyword-rich content—and one of the best ways to deliver that is through the use of a blog.

Consider starting a blog where you offer financial advice or discuss the latest financial news. Over time, your readership may grow, and your posts may naturally attract links and social media shares, both of which can also help your website—and your business—become more popular online.

Write a Guide

Of course, you want prospects to come to you when they need financial guidance. A guide could be the motivation they need to seek that advice. The length of the book isn’t all that important, as long as it addresses potential clients’ questions and positions you as an expert on the topic.

You could sell the book, but since it’s designed to generate leads, it may be better to give it away. You’ll save on printing costs by making the book downloadable on your website in the form of a PDF.

Send a Survey to Prospects

You might know what current and potential clients want from their financial advisors. However, a survey will tell you whether your assumptions are correct.

By asking high net worth individuals about their financial goals, priorities and concerns, you gain a better understanding of how to approach them with a value proposition, which can help boost your conversion rate.

These are just a few creative ideas for marketing your services, but you’ll need to come up with more if you’re going to successfully reach prospects and build your reputation.

Looking for More Financial Advisor Marketing Tips?

We hope this list of marketing strategies helps strengthen your financial advisory practice. But as you probably know, marketing is more than a one-time transaction. It requires researching, planning, executing and monitoring your efforts every day. This takes time you might not necessarily have, so WebpageFX is here to take care of the process for you.

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