Midtown Harrisburg stretches from Forster to Maclay Streets, and has undergone a lot of renovation and development over the past few years. It is now a popular neighborhood for young professionals and families, and home to some of the city’s most popular cultural venues.


The Broad Street Market, Midtown Scholar, Midtown Cinema, and Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center are all local favorites. The neighborhood also has quite a few local coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, many of which are newer additions to the city.

As an added bonus, WebpageFX is also located in Midtown, and is only a few minutes’ walk from anywhere in the neighborhood.


Midtown faces issues common to any urban community, but organizations like Friends of Midtown help improve and eliminate problems like broken streetlights, potholes, and trash.

Images by Axel Drainville, Harvey Barrison, and Ryan Miller.

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