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Welcome To Harrisburg!

Thinking of moving to Central PA? We can help.

As the capital city, Harrisburg is home to many of the region’s best art and cultural centers, as well as a wealth of restaurants, nightlife, and recreation. And if you aren’t a fan of city life, you’ll appreciate picturesque surrounding areas that are only a few minutes away.

Whether you want to move to the East Shore or the West (or aren’t yet aware of the rivalry that spans the Susquehanna), there are plenty of options in the Harrisburg area. This guide will give you an overview of the best neighborhoods, restaurants, nightlife, and events within and around the city.


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  • Harrisburg
  • East Shore
  • West Shore
  • Downtown


  • Capitol District

    Capitol District

  • Midtown


  • Italian Lake

    Italian Lake

  • Shipoke


  • Camp Hill

    Camp Hill

  • Camp Curtin

    Camp Curtin

  • Bellevue Park

    Bellevue Park

  • Allison Hill

    Allison Hill

  • Enola


  • Mechanicsburg


  • New Cumberland

    New Cumberland

  • Carlisle


  • Middletown


  • Hershey


Things to do

Harrisburg restaurants

Harrisburg's list of restaurants seems to grow by the day, and there are plenty of options ranging from coffee shops to upscale eateries. Luckily for you, the foodies at WebpageFX put together a list of the best.

Harrisburg Nightlife

From tiki torch-lit decks to a 1920s-style speakeasy, Harrisburg's nightlife has a little bit of everything.

Events and Activities

Between the bustling 2nd Street scene, the constant City Island events, and the recreation offered by the Susquehanna, there's always something to do in the Harrisburg area. Check out our favorite recreational activities in the city, as well as a listing of popular annual events.

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Know of anything we missed?

We want this to be a comprehensive guide to Harrisburg, but it's hard to keep track of everything the city has to offer. If you know of any great restaurants, nightlife, events, or activities we've missed, let us know using the form below!