40 Beautiful Workspaces for Inspiration

And — if you’re anything like the typical creative professional or office worker — you likely spend a great deal of your day in your workspace.

I really believe that it’s important to invest in a workspace that’s functional but also delightful to be in; a space that supports your workflow, creativity, personal preferences and sense of style.

If you’re interested in building or redesigning your current workspace, for ideas and inspiration, take a moment to check out the elegant, functional workspaces in this post.

Workspace inspiration: Joshua SöhnJoshua Söhn

Workspace inspiration: Tony ThomasTony Thomas

Workspace inspiration: Ronald HagensteinRonald Hagenstein

Workspace inspiration: Zack TravisZack Travis

Workspace inspiration: Jeff SheldonJeff Sheldon

Workspace inspiration: Robin KylanderRobin Kylander

Workspace inspiration: Jeremy GoldbergJeremy Goldberg

Workspace inspiration: Adham DannawayAdham Dannaway

Workspace inspiration: Vincze IstvánVincze István

Workspace inspiration: Albert PeretaAlbert Pereta

Workspace inspiration: Bex GloverBex Glover

Workspace inspiration: Tonje BoganesTonje Boganes

Workspace inspiration: Yakup AkdemirYakup Akdemir

Workspace inspiration: Roman ZapotichnyiRoman Zapotichnyi

Workspace inspiration: Danijel GrabovacDanijel Grabovac

Workspace inspiration: Tina FloerschTina Floersch

Workspace inspiration: Per VestmanPer Vestman

Workspace inspiration: Dawid LiberadzkiDawid Liberadzki

Workspace inspiration: Manyo M.Manyo M.

Workspace inspiration: Hüseyin YilmazHüseyin Yilmaz

Workspace inspiration: Jennifer HaglerJennifer Hagler

Workspace inspiration: Josh SullivanJosh Sullivan

Workspace inspiration: Chad TillekeratneChad Tillekeratne

Workspace inspiration: Will SilveiraWill Silveira

Workspace inspiration: Jennifer HaglerJennifer Hagler

Workspace inspiration: Kenneth JensenKenneth Jensen

Workspace inspiration: Will SaundersWill Saunders

Workspace inspiration: Justin BurnsJustin Burns

Workspace inspiration: Mark BijlMark Bijl

Workspace inspiration: Tamerlan SozievTamerlan Soziev

Workspace inspiration: Daniel Jacob ArcherDaniel Jacob Archer

Workspace inspiration: buatoombuatoom

Workspace inspiration: Mark BendowMark Bendow

Workspace inspiration: Louish PixelLouish Pixel

Workspace inspiration: Eddie LobanovskiyEddie Lobanovskiy

Workspace inspiration: Sean McCabeSean McCabe

Workspace inspiration: Zach RoszczewskiZach Roszczewski

Workspace inspiration: Elisabeth HeierElisabeth Heier

Workspace inspiration: StylizimoStylizimo

Workspace inspiration: StylizimoStylizimo

  • Rob

    Well, I find them to be neat, clean and/or organized but few, if any, are what I would call beautiful. “Nice” would wrap up their description for me.

  • 2 PC and only MAC : )

  • Connor

    Some of these workspaces don’t look like someone spends 8+ hours a day there. They look far too uncomfortable. Besides, they’re all Macs, and everyone knows Macs are just for decoration, not for actual work.

  • Sydney Miles

    Indeed, to say that one can work in such beautiful spaces for endless hours may just be a hyperbole…however, if you have a space like this – so neat, so organized, so elegantly designed – where only the basic and essential objects needed to accomplish a job are easily within reach – more work could be accomplished in lesser time.. Moreso in solitude in this kind of spaces where there are no distractions, such spaces could be a breeding ground for brilliant ideas that can be used for achieving amazing job results…Thanks, Six Revisions, for zealously researching for stuff worth sharing to your readers and followers…May the Force be always with you!

  • Denny Malman

    What this article should really be titled is, “35 Workspaces That Look Nearly Identical, Plus a Few Outliers.” Sheesh. There’s nothing inspiring about the monochrome antiseptic look that pervades almost all these “workspaces.” Most of these go way past modern & verge on some form of neo-hive-brain “You WILL be assimilated” Borg office. YUCK.

    Einstein’s paper- and book-loaded dump or Thomas Mann’s dark-wood Victorian or Steve Jobs’ “everything’s in here — somewhere!” styles may not be for everyone. But at least you got the sense that a human being inhabited and produced and created in those spaces. The ones pictured above are soulless. Again — YUCK.

  • Cate

    Agree. I was looking for workflow beautiful as well. All just random screens and keyboards.

  • asder

    Where there is no workspace without MAC?! Do you really all work only on MAC? Because I don’t and my friends also. Is it shame to work with normal PC?

  • It’s not shameful to work on a PC. I love my PC workstation setup. Check out pics and the details of my workspace in this feature: http://workspiration.org/jacob-gube

  • Jan

    It’s certainly not a shame but a Mac is also a design product which makes the picture looks better. Imagine if there was a ‘crappy’ (read: less well designed than a Mac) Dell screen on all of these photos..

  • Danielle

    Beautiful. Apple makes everything beautiful.