Show Us Your: Workspace

How would you picture the perfect workspace? Well, if it’s productivity you seek, the Harvard Business Review published that the four things you can do to optimize your workspace are: cut the clutter, keep frequent-use items close, put related items together, and adjust as needed.

But, in the lives of graphic design and digital art professionals, how do these translate to inspiration or piece together in the ever becoming freelancing environment? Take a look below.

Bryan Salva

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
Website: Bryan Salva

Matthew Berry

Location: Bloomington, IN, USA
Website: Matthew Berry Creative

Nikola Lazarevic

Location: Nis, Serbia
Website: webexpedition18

David PeΓ±a

Location: Long Beach, CA, USA

JC Parmley

Location: Manila, Philippines
Website: Design Instruct

Christian Bailey

Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
Website: Christian Bailey

Hyungho Tim Lee

Location: New Zealand
Website: Tim-lee (deviantART)

Jan Cavan

Location: Southern California, USA
Website: Dawghouse Design Studio

Callum Chapman

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Website: Circlebox Creative


Location: UK
Website: DesignArticleWriters

Katy Wright

Location: IN, USA
Website: Katy Wright (Coroflot)

I hope you enjoyed these candid photos from the Design Instruct staff, authors and friends.

It’s your turn! Show us your workspace in the comments and discuss what really makes your office work.

  • These are so great! Thanks for sharing! JC I love what you have on your screen πŸ˜‰ I love the clean and simple look of Jan Cavan’s space, and how Hyungho Tim Lee’s amazing art surrounds him while he works. Great Stuff! My office has to double as my guest room so I try to make it functional and and inspiring for me, inviting for my guests, and comfy enough to sit in and fight dragons all day.

    I love this post! It’s nice to see a little into fellow creative’s lives. Keep them coming!

  • Filipe Craveiro

    Nice work from Hyungho.

  • Not sure if my comment went through as it had multiple links.

    Here’s mine. It’s not the best looking setup in the world, but it’s super ergonomic. πŸ™‚ Desktop Shot

  • Dar, broken link. Sorry!

    Here’s mine. It’s not the best looking setup in the world, but it’s super ergonomic. πŸ™‚ Desktop Shot

  • Winner: Jan Cavan Btw, some have REALLY uncomfortable chairs :p

  • this is very inspiring :).

  • JC Parmley

    WOW – I like your setup. It’s heaven for a gamer πŸ™‚ But one of the things that really helps me in my work is multiple screens. I don’t have mine setup just yet, but it’s very nice to minimize the need to scroll, alt+tab and find reference.

  • Simon Johnstone

    need to do some housework now my desk is covered in paperwork and coffee cups

  • The carpet is looking a bit scruffy, but here’s mine:

  • interesting and very inspired me…

  • Jan Cavan, definitely.
    His workspace is what I’d imagine mine to hopefully be one day.

  • Quite interesting. Jan Cavan’s workspace is the best one in my opinion! I dream with this kind of home-office… I’ll get one like this someday! πŸ˜‰

  • all of them looks great πŸ™‚

  • im diggin’….

    will submit an image soon ;D

  • Here’s mine.
    Perfect setup for responsive development.