Giveaway: Win Free WordPress Hosting for a Year (Worth $130+)

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About A2 Hosting’s WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress Hosting Plan

A2 Hosting has developed a specialized hosting plan for WordPress sites, offering a performance-optimized and ready-to-use WordPress hosting option.

Your WordPress site will be on SwiftServer solid-state drives (SSD), which offers speed and performance improvements compared to conventional hard disk drives (HDD). Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of SSD hosting.

More features you’ll enjoy:

  • Instant WordPress set-up: No installation required, WordPress is already set up for you and ready to be used
  • Host an unlimited number of WordPress blogs
  • No resource caps
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free backups: Many hosting companies charge for this service as an add-on, with A2 Hosting’s WordPress hosting package, it comes at no cost

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How to Win a 1-Year WordPress Hosting Account

Participating in this giveaway is quick and easy. For a chance to win one of the WordPress hosting accounts we’re giving away, all you have to do is answer this question in the comments:

Why would you like to win WordPress hosting?

Giveaway Details

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Please use a valid email address when leaving your comment so we can send you an email if you win. The winners will be announced in another post. Comments are moderated so your comment may not show up right away. Comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) will be removed. The prize has no cash value and is not transferable.

  • Iam using blogger for my custom domain but now I need to move to wordpress for that i webhosting and wordpress have lot of responsive design themes

  • With the money I’d save from winning a free year of WordPress hosting, I’d have a chance to build my jewelry business in other ways (like supplies, marketing, etc…)

  • Hey Jacob & A2 Hosting Team,

    great offer / giveaway, extremely happy I was able to come across it, too.

    I’d like to get a chance at winning this because it would allow me to save some extra money along the way, which I could use to invest in other areas of my development.

    Though, the biggest reason seems to be the seamless integration with many popular frameworks like Node.js, and Ruby on Rails that A2 Hosting is offering to their WordPress hosting clients, it’s rare to see companies go that route, and it would certainly help me save a lot of time of setting up and configuring, like I do on my DigitalOcean droplets right now.

    Good luck to everyone participating.


  • Regina

    I need a Word Press Hosting, because I start an online-wineshop, and I do it with woocommerce.

  • Skweekah

    WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market and deservedly so as it’s robust, scalable, easy to design and develop for, making Wordpres hosting a wonderful prize for any website owner to win!

  • Alanna Jane

    Amazing giveaway! I found your site because I have just started building my very first wordpress site, and I want to do a good job of it.

    The site that I am currently building is to help people help themselves when they really need it most. It is to include a library of inexpensive resource links + reviews for heaps of online courses, books, etc that will allow people to either pull themselves out of a bad place or just grow personally. I will also be including my own life story, as a series of blog posts (each on one specific trauma type), as well as a place for others to submit their own inspirational stories. This is a huge project, but one that I am very passionate about.

    So far I have designed (and digitized) a logo plus name and tagline, secured a domain, bought my fave wp theme (and am currently working on the specific design aspects, hence finding you), as well as written at least half of the website’s content.

    Because I am building this website from the bottom of my heart, simply because I want to help others as I helped myself (ie. it is not being built for profit), and also because I live on disability assistance (and am thus quite poor), winning wp hosting for a year would be extremely benficial.

  • Why would I like free WordPress hosting? Because I’ve grown up with WordPress! It’s was a great way to host a blog, and now it’s a wonderful full-fledged CMS. I’d use free hosting for a number of projects.

  • Best CMS ever. I am building my own portfolio site on WP. Great chance to win a free hosting for it.

  • Sam Moening

    Getting this would help in going a long way with trying to start up my freelance graphic design business. My wife and I just found out we are having twins in October so this free hosting could allow me to put more money towards diapers.Ha! $5 a month doesnt sound like much but I am guessing every dollar will count.

  • George

    I currently own an indie game company and are in need of a website for our company. We would like to use WordPress as we purchased a custom theme for it and we have previous experiences. We are currently making our third game which is a real time strategy game based in the Medieval era. Also this would be a great time to get our name out there!

    Thank you 🙂 I hope that we win this great package!

  • I’m a student which, you know, can’t apply for a job yet, which also means I don’t have salary. I would like to win a WordPress hosting because I want to start my tech news website but I’m not sure about its future, and web hosting price is a bit too expensive for me. So I want to test it seriously for about a year and see the result. If everything goes fine, I think I will put my concentration to it and start earning from it in my free-time.

  • Marius Bozgan

    I need a WordPress hosting and I hope trough this contest to test the A2 Hosting Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting service.

  • jewely gee vegys

    I just straight up NEED a free years of hosting because I am unemployed.

  • Haroon

    Great give away I hope i will win this giveaway. I read all detail of a2 hosting, 1st good thing is that they offer unlimited domain and subdomain support and 2nd other awesome thing is that they offer live chat help and third most exciting thing is that they have great affiliate amazed that they offered 85 dollar commission per sale which is great for blogger.

  • Abid Ali

    I need to move my blog from blogspot to wordpress, so I need hosting.

  • I use one of the big name hosting companies that had lots of problems this summer. I need a replacement hosting company. With this prize I could test A2 out and compare with a few sites and scale up from there if they are what they say they are.

  • sandra shirah

    I would absolutely LOVE to win WP hosting with A2! I would use it to launch my 501c3 therapy dog program, My therapy dog program is absolutely FREE and geared toward providing comfort to our nation’s Veterans. I’m searching for an awesome host with guaranteed uptime in order to raise awareness of the many benefits of having SGT PUP visit. I have hopes of expanding to the tri-state area and a website could help generate the tax-deductible funds needed to accomplish this. Here’s hoping SGT PUP is selected as the lucky winner of free hosting!!!

  • Bryan W

    I would like to win this because it would give me the resource I need to get my sh*t together. I have been struggling to start my own web/graphic design freelance business. I need it to go along with my full time job to help ends meet and I am very passionate about web/graphic design but I haven’t had the means to get my ass in gear and get started. This would give me a really good reason to light a fire under my ass and get going with it.

    I can’t seem to pull the trigger on getting it started because I don’t have the money, in which you know the cliche of “you need to spend money to make money”, to purchase hosting. Hopefully you will pick me and I can get my butt in gear and provide more income for my family.

  • Great Opportunity for Newbies like,,,as i am looking to start a new food blog which will share latest contents about food and recipes from around the world,,,this will be a great help for me, if i was chosen to be the winner of this contest. thanks in advance and looking forward to get this hosting account for my new blog…

  • Anita

    My current hosting service is frustratingly SLOW. If I Win, will move my business website To A2 Hosting — and extend my subscription to multiple years.

  • Betty

    Planning to teach my precocious granddaughter how to build her own WordPress website. The website would be a great way for her to share her many selfies and landscape photos. A fast and responsive website on A2 hosting would be perfect gift to get her started.

  • Robert B.

    Developing a WordPress website for a friend. If I win, will use it to host new website for her local small business.

  • With the money that I save with the hosting,I will buy a dron for doing aerial photography and video and I will upload them to my blog.

  • WordPress is the perfect solution for my personal and commercial works. I needed a serious hosting plan!

  • Tin Yumul

    Never won any contest before. Winning the 1 year WordPress hosting would be awesome!

  • Through my website, I have received job offers and I think with free web hosting I can finally take the “.wordpress” out of my url. It would make my site much more professional. I am a bit tight on funds so I cannot support a custom domain. I also know that the A2 hosting would be totally ideal for the complex videos and graphics I upload almost daily. It would be super fast and I could spend less time waiting for things to upload and more time creating things.

  • bob holt

    It would remove one more excuse to me starting my own business. Lets do this.

  • Michael

    Want to rebuild a website for son’s youth group, so the kids and parents can better communicate and view pictures, etc. Doing it on WordPress would be amazing!

  • Aaron Mak

    I wanna start a ecommerce website