What's Your Favorite Web Host?

We’d like to know what your favorite web hosting company is. Hopefully we can help those looking for good web hosting in our discussions.

In the comments section below, mention:

  1. The name of your favorite web hosting company
  2. Why you like the web hosting company

See my example in the comments below for my favorite web hosting company.

Afterwards, we’ll tally up the results and publish it in another post.

  • My favorite web host right now is Linode.

    I like Linode because their service is very reliable, and we haven’t had any issues related to downtime. Their resources are very generous. They even doubled their customers’ RAM for free at one point this year. For the price, Linode provides you with a lot of value. Because Linode is a VPS, I also get all the benefits of using a VPS, most importantly for me, the ability to customize and tweak my server’s settings for my particular needs.

  • GitHub!

    At first I chose to use WordPress as a platform, but moved to GitHub Pages to use Jekyll because it is a static and simple CMS. Push contents to your repository and your site will be published. It is blazing fast and, most importantly, totally free.

  • Pedro Piedade

    Afterburst – reliable, very competitive prices, good set of options. Support is also very helpful even if sometimes they take a bit to answer enquiries. I’ve been using them for 4 months and so far I’m very pleased with their service.

  • Personally I’ve found that the only real competitor to match the simplicity of Linode is Digital Ocean, whose cheapest plane starts at just $5 a month, and I love low entry barriers.

    To compare, $20 a month at Linode gets you:

    8 CPU (1x priority, you don’t get full speed all the time)
    1 GB RAM
    48 GB Storage
    2 TB Transfer

    Digital Ocean:

    2 CPUs (reserved, no priority)
    2GB RAM
    3TB Transfer

    In fact, unless you’re running something quite CPU intensive, I haven’t found anything that doesn’t run faster on Digital Ocean.

  • Dreamhost used to be my GOTO source for hosting and I’ve referred a great many clients to use their services too. But their frankly appalling uptime service levels has caused me to rethink this for any production site.

    I’ve since switched over to CrocWeb for a couple of reasons. First, it’s Canadian-hosted (Montreal) and this is important to me in light of the NSA brouhaha. Second, it’s affordable and quick. Most of my clients are Canadian so it may only take a few milliseconds quicker to route traffic but it’s noticeable. And finally, they’re reliable. No downtime thus far.

  • David Watson

    My favourite web host for many years has been Clook Internet.

    Support is fantastic with almost immediate response to support requests. They’re a small company, so the service is personal. They have always been completely transparent – if things do go wrong, information is always available during the incident and then followed up with a detailed explanation of what happened and how it was resolved.

    It’s easy to like a host when everything is going fine. The real test is when things go wrong. Clook score 10/10 for their management of difficult situations.

  • I’ve been with Linode for quite sometime and have never had any problems with them.. however I have just recently moved to DigitalOcean and wow. Better prices, MUCH better user interface for the admin and would highly recommend checking them out.

  • Zulfiquar Hashmi

    Hi can you please provide the details of this providers contact details

  • Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz and positive experiences with DigitalOcean. I’ll check them out Eric. Thanks.

  • Can’t recommend 34SP highly enough. Based in Manchester UK, outstanding support and very good value for money.

  • Tim

    I kind of don’t understand the comments of some people. Some of them just offer “cloud hosting.” Is there a difference between this and regular web hosting?
    Also, why would it matter if something is hosted on an ssd as opposed to other type of server? Being that you are accessing them over the internet, there are so many variables along the way that it seems like an ssd vs regular hard drive wouldn’t even matter?
    Additionally, some of these hosts using ssd’s state that you get 40GB of space, whereas most web hosts I’ve used offer unlimited hard drive space.

    Can someone outline what the difference are and why I would want to choose one over the other?

  • Godaddy is perfect too, if you exclude their annoying marketing tricks.
    No problem so far! *knocks on the wood*
    By the way, they support cloud hosting and have normal prices.

  • using 1and1. so far so good…

  • I’ve used Dreamhost, Bluehost, and Site5. My favorite is Site5.

  • I’ve also tried all 3 of those hosts myself (for my past client work). If I recall correctly, my first paid website project was hosted on Site5, back around 2001-2002. They’ve been around a long time! (I think since 1999?)