Visual Inspiration: 30 Excellent Colorful Web Designs

1. Carbonmade


2. MailChimp

3. Atlas

4. Spoon

5. HTML5 Lab

6. Colourpixel

7. FreeAgent Depot

8. AdPacks

9. Amazee Labs

10. WVA

11. Alex Buga

12. Chirp

13. HippoApp

14. Ryan Keiser


16. Inservio

17. TangledDecals

18. OrangeYouGlad


20. Web Designer Wall

21. Polecat

22. FeedStitch

23. Miki Mottes

24. Huxley Prairie Festival

25. You Know Who

26. TNVacation

27. Creative Mints

28. Sibling Rivalry

29. Flourish

30. Aussie BBQ Legends

  • Nice! These look like fantastic websites just based on the design alone. I will definitely have to visit some of these to check them out a bit more. They all seem like great examples of how to use color, texture, font, and grids in website design. Solid collection!

  • Very inspiring digital creation.. Love the You Know Who website, the pink blends well with the vintage look of the image.

  • this is such a beautiful and very inspiring collection Jacob! thanks for putting this up

  • moukaouame

    Trop de couleur tue la couleur, mais ici il y a un certain équilibre.
    Il est intéressant d’exploiter les couleur à l’ancienne.

  • I’m big fan of simple and mostly black/white -websites but looking at all these colors. Impressive and fun I would say! Definately delicious stuff. Might even start new era in my personal designs!

  • My website is all grayscale, and I’m starting to get bored of it. One of these days I’m going to have to give it a colorful overhaul. It’s too sterile.

  • Enjoyed viewing these. My mind is still processing! Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  • Interesting layout Andy. I think for your personal site, you should design with your heart and express your style and tastes.

  • Google Translate of moukaouame’s comment:

    Too much color kills the color, but here there is a balance.
    It is interesting to exploit the old color.

  • Great collection; enjoyed it!

  • pm

    Oh! and there’s

  • lovely collection

  • Muy buena recopilación!
    Gracias por el aporte!

  • Great collection, It makes me wanna change my website design.

  • Google Translate of Martin’s comment:

    Very good collection!
    Thanks for your contribution!

  • Very great inspiration! Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks for the design. They use innovation and have some new web 2.0 design approach. They will help me for my new website’s concept

  • Beautiful webdesign : less is more !

  • Fair play to the designers of Amazee Labs and Chirpy. I’ve seen them in a lot of posts like this. And it’s obvious why.

  • cool! i want to study make so good too)

  • Great collection…Very inspiring!

  • An inspiring post thanks you love the hippo app but guess most of the reason is the cute hippo:D

  • Allesh

    not too good Some of them are Ok.

    Please check this Website template. A nice Colour combination