• Craig

    At least four of these use stock templates anyone can buy!

  • Michelle

    What beautiful sites!

  • I’m honored 🙂 Thanks for including Recurse on this list. I can’t believe it’s being shown next to all these other amazing designs.

  • Don’t sell yourself short Dustin; your app looks great!

  • Boring! (sorry)
    There are 3 (max) different layouts above.
    I think the new Getsatisfaction.com is a cool way to elaborate over that seemingly preferred layout you show in 30 shots above.

  • Elliott

    the Mint design makes me think of mildew

  • els

    Best collection I’ve seen today!

  • Sweet collection, thanks for putting this together 🙂

  • joe

    where did you find the templates? 🙂

  • Inspiration at its best! Thanks for this selection.

  • thanks for including solidshops

  • And thanks for including Blinksale on it. 🙂 Anyone wanting to use Blinksale, let me know, I’d love to help you.

    patrick at blinksale dot com

    Have a great week!

  • I can’t believe QuoteRobot is next to Mailchimp and Postmark, both beautiful. Thanks a bunch for including us.

  • ultimately… they work though… better than most others. A lot of times at my own job my boss has wanted a particular layout for about the last 10 sales websites that I’ve made because they convert better than any others tested.

  • Yeah exactly.
    So good web design is here defined by usability and conversion rates, not beauty. I only oppose the term “beautiful” because they are more “effective” – and I really like’em for that. Good work.

  • BMF

    So sad several off these are horrid stock templates that appear to have “minorly” decorated . These kind of things need to be curated better.

  • Rui Lopes

    Can you tell me if my website is cool? I made it on Wix. Isn’t a template. I’m sorry for my english… I’m not a current speaker. I’m portuguese… :s Please reply!

  • Grate work
    This all are nice.

  • Rui Lopes
  • great list….i use them for my inspiration when designing web..

  • Mir

    Surprised to see http://postageapp.com isn’t here

  • I like some of them but not all must say, Gist for instance, what so great with it?

  • I like some of them but not all must say, Gist for instance, what so great with it?

  • HMp

    anya kano?tala ibagbaga yo…

  • Grate work
    i am potresen belyad 🙂

  • Ray Besiga

    Where can I get a web app designer for my East African startup web app. We do not yet have such clean, “call to action” web app UI’s in Uganda yet! Besides, it is unaffordable in any case 🙁

  • Hey Jacob,

    Thanks for the Skyclerk (formally SkyLedger) love!!

    Also, great list of products found some pretty cool apps I did not know about.


  • very very nice design .tnx

  • Bill Tress

    Yeah I’m surprised too! Oh wait a minute. No I’m not.

  • Daniel

    What kind of list is this? Some of these websites are not even responsive, and look as though they have been developer using free CSS templates. Where is the bold visual ?imagery Or use of material design? Worst list I have seen so far.