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  • This list should be super useful on an up and coming project of mine. Thanks!

  • Great collection indeed. I love this style and can’t help but wonder if this is what websites would have looked like if they had the internet back in the 1950’s-70’s.

  • i was looking for something like that. there is a design agency in berlin with a vintage style website, have a look: http://www.apfelzet.de/

  • Oh these are simply lovely! Very impressive designs indeed! I particularly like the Sea Dreams Studios design, but these are all wonderful. Thanks 😀

  • Mat Payne

    Thank you for compiling these lists, they are great for ideas. I would love to see a list of website interior pages as many designs look great on the homepage but break down or change completely for interior content. Also, a list of large corporate sites or high information site would be super. 🙂 Thanks again, great job!

  • If you want some inspiration about RETRO style go to >> http://retrovizeur.blogspot.com/. AMAZING Retro Blogspot!

  • These designs are amazing! Bookmarking for future past inspiration.

  • Love vintage designs…. some great examples here. Good post.

  • Nice collection! Thx for sharing.

  • Love these, really nice collection, thanks for sharing

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    Love the sites!!! check http://www.sugar-mama.nl it’s also a retro site!!

  • this by them is my favorite

  • Very very nice set

  • Nice selection! Thank you for sharing.

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    check ; http://www.wandasocialist.com , social-constructivist !

  • Great collection! thanks for sharing!!

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    Same designs goes throught all blogs.. Nothing new here

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    This is beautiful, just kinda sad that there were no black images back then.

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    great stuff quite inspiration .find more for us.thanks great work by the designers espexcially the Level 2 Design and Heartbreaker Fashion.

  • Wow! What a beautiful collection of vintage website designs. Thanks for the great article!

  • Stumbleupon this, it fascinating to see this type of site design done properly. Not easy.

  • Very beautiful collection of vintage website. Thank you for this.

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  • what a beautiful collection!

  • Brilliant, is all about the typography and textures – that’s given me the creative boost I needed! Thanks