• Awesome collection! Thank you 🙂

  • I can not so good with dark colors, but I think the collection will help me to develop myself. Thank you for this!

  • forest

    Beautiful Dark Web Design

  • I know some of them and some of them don’t, some are real refreshing and all are really beautiful.Great inspiration source!

  • Janine Mansell-Simon


    Thanks, a great collection.

    Also really like the work of: http://www.ma-idesign.co.uk/portfolio/



  • Nice collection!

    Thx a lot


  • Nice dark designs. Especially like the last one Take The Walk with the red and black also Mutant Labs.

  • El Lothario

    Some classic stuff here!
    ALso dark and delightful are:


    Enjoy the links and keep up spreading the creative luv!

  • thank you for the list!I love web design in dark colors!I used dark colors in the redesign of my website which I’m working on these days

  • very good selection. i would like to suggest my portfolio. check it out, let me know what you think.

  • Great list, I really like the Take the Walk and Mutant Labs websites a lot. All in all a great list of sites, with some new ones! Was sorta hoping to see mine in here somewhere 😉

  • Tina

    nt good……. :@

  • Great collection of dark themes – I really love some of these layouts as they are very interesting. It’s cool to see the different structures of sites and the way that people choose to organize the information.

  • There are about 3 designs I really like on here, nice job on the find!

  • Wonderful collection with amazing designs where the design works are impressive & expressive. This will be very helpful for us to boost up our creativity. I really love some of the layouts & design works made with these webpages. Thx for this great list.


    Here is an another beautiful dark & delightful webpage with amazing design works. Check out this for more beautiful web designs & for wordpress themes.

  • I agree.. some are not actually dark at all.. haha.. but I love the second one, VERSIONS….

  • really nice collection

  • Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • very nice collection. Thank you