Vintage Social Media Stamps: Icon Pack


You want to stand out from your competition. To set yourself apart and bring your website to life. But how?

Social media has become one of the most well-known and popular ways to market a business online. In order for it to pay off though, you have to know how to do so effectively. It all boils down to the importance of web design.

Icon sets are perfect to demonstrate both your business’s style and feel. Some people may fear the cost of web design, but this icon pack is free to use!


  • File format: PNG and PSD
  • Size: 256x256px
  • Licensing: Free for commercial and personal projects under Freebie Files Usage Terms
  • Limitation of use: Do not sell files or redistribute files
  • Number of items: 15
  • Number of files: 15

Download Source Files

Real Advice

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  • These are really fantastic! Thanks so much!

  • karen kennedy

    Very nice, unique.

  • Wow! These are great fun. Nice design juxtaposition on how we communicate vs the “old” days of mail. These would look great on site with designed with an old journal as the style. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very cool. So glad you included a PSD. Pinterest is growing, and I keep getting requests for pinterest buttons, lol! <3 Thanks so much for the share. You guys rock!

  • These are perfect for my 1950’s retro site! I can’t wait to add them. Thank you so very much! AWESOME groovy and WayOUT!

  • Thank you everybody! I’m very glad you like them! Don’t forget to visit my website 🙂

  • These are perfect , I love them .. Thank you

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. Lovely stuff

  • totally love it! thanks a million 🙂

  • Where’s Pinterest?

  • Great ! Thanks for sharing always beautiful freebies 😉

  • PLEASE please please make a pinterest! I would REALLY appreciate it!

  • Hi Karen! We’ll work on integrating Pinterest on the site.

  • Very fun! Thanks!

  • Ann

    I would like to add these lovely vintage stamps to my blog, but can’t figure out the html code. Would be helpful if you would include that on your website. If I have overlooked it, could someone please share it with me. Thanks!

  • Ann

    With a lot of Google searches and a lot of trial and error, I was able to successfully add your icons to my blog. Disregard my previous post for help. Thanks…they look great!

  • Jacqui


    Im having the same problem. I just cant work out the htlm codes.


  • ann

    Jacqui…have you saved your downloads to Photobucket? That’s the only thing that helped me. (nobody tells you this). Save them all to the same ‘album’. Then when you hover over the picture of the stamp, a pop-up window will come up with an HTML code to copy. The other thing that helped was to Google some other social icons that mapped out the code and you insert your photobucket code instead of what they have. It was a lot of trial and error. I just about fainted when it finally worked!! Good luck. I know it’s not easy when your’e not a WebMaster.

  • Thank you! We just returned from being overseas and Im just beginning to have a chance to respond to emails/blog posts etc!!!! I really appreciate the Pinterest Icon and the time you took to make it! Karen

  • Ann

    Thanks Cory and thanks to you too, Karen, for asking for it. We all benefited from your asking for the Pinterest icon. It looks great on my blog.

  • Melanie

    OMG – these are awesome! Truly unique!

  • Rave

    Hi, Look good. Can we have linkedin?

  • Sandy H

    Thanks for making and sharing these… I love them!

  • Cynthia ? ? ?

    I’d love one of these stamps with Pinterest! Maybe in the future??? Thanks!

  • Cynthia ? ? ?

    I’d love one of these stamps with Pinterest! Maybe in the future??? Thanks!

  • Ann

    Cynthia – go to the April 30 comment by ‘Cory’…he added a link for the Pinterest stamp. I love these stamps and they look awesome on my blog.

  • Karen

    Would love an instagram icon too, these are fantastic!

  • Fantastic! Thank you very much 🙂

  • Su

    These are awesome. Will there also be a Linkedin Stamp available soon?

  • Donna Martin

    Beautiful, from inspiration to execution!

  • Patricia

    Can you make one with the B from Blogger

  • Henry

    Wow!!! great Icon pack!

  • La Luna Luz

    love these – thanks

  • Linkedin please! Id appreciatte it a lot! Thanks!

  • Jin

    Thank you for sharing these adorable buttons!

  • Lynn

    Lovely! Thank you!

  • Ruben

    Super icons! But including Linkedin would be even better!

  • Real Nice Work ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Very nice and original, thanks for sharing, I will share as well!

  • umutuslu

    linked in and instagram please

  • Really great Icon pack!

  • jana

    Excellent work. Thank you!

  • Karen

    Thank you so much for sharing these. Please let us know if you’l be adding an instagram one. You are awesome!

  • Ice

    I have these on my blog now, thank you they are so beautiful! Do you have a goodreads and polyvore icon? I would really appreciate if you took the time to do them!

  • Those icons are superb! I want to use them for my blog but… is there a version without the “heart” on it?


  • These icons are wonderful! Just the style I wanted for my new blog. Thank you very much for sharing!

  • Mikel

    He usado tus iconos para mi blog. Son muy originales.Muchas gracias desde Madrid (España)

  • I would love to see a GoodReads icon as well!

  • Ali

    Hi there,

    Any chance you can make an Instagram one for these? they are fantastic.

  • These are absolutely awesome!! But I gotta ask: Is there a tumblr one to be found by any chance?

  • Olga Manso

    Son fantásticos, pero echo de menos Linkedin ¿habrá pronto?

  • Olga’s comment is in Spanish. Translated to English by Google Translate:

    Are great, but I miss Linkedin will there soon?

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to add more icons to this icon pack.

  • Hi Ali,

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to extend this icon pack with more icons.

  • Amazing! Thank you so much for having shared this amazing post with us! If you got the one of Linkedin, please let us know :). I just read that you were unable to incude it in this pack.

    Thank you!

  • Alise

    Any chance on an Instagram one? 🙂

  • Hi Alise,

    Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to update this freebie.

  • This may be a dumb question, but I am new to blogging and was wondering how to get it displayed on my site?

  • Alan

    Great Work. Very Creative. Thanks!

  • Chris Hanning

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Very nice and good visual mnemonic for their underlying purpose: communication

  • Fabulous! Thanks so much!

  • Laura Pardini

    will you be adding a vintage Instagram logo?

  • EmmaMT

    What beautiful designs. Thanks

  • Natalie

    These are fantastic! Would love to see some with a more postal ink stamp vs. the heart or without the ink all together. Blogger, instagram, LinkedIn and others would be great too. Will you be designing a paid set that includes others and possibly with choices (with and without stamped heart)?

  • Jessica

    These are so great!!!
    Have you updated with an instagram stamp?

  • Mario Chávez

    Beautifully made! As a former stamp collector, I appreciate these beyond words.

  • shelli

    Epic Design… Very kind of you to share your talents 🙂

  • tina

    simply wonderful; thank you!

  • Philipp

    Thanks a lot, very nice

  • esperanzalety

    Much appreciate 🙂 will link when done !:)

  • Louise

    Love these – thank you. Any chance of an Instagram one?

  • Yi Zhang

    These are really beautiful and special.

  • stephanie

    Hi. I’m new to the whole social media icon thing, lol…can we add our twist on these icons by using picmonkey? Thank you!

  • Ron Bergs

    Hello, very nice icon set.
    I miss instagram and Linkdin.

    it would be great to have them too!



  • Michelle

    These are awesome! Great job!

  • Oliver Drummond

    Really amazing job! Can you post the Pinterest link again (it’s not working anymore)?

    Any plans on releasing an updated version with new media icons like Instagram, tumbler and others?

  • ???

    This is a very valuable content atleast to me and the best part is, it is free…thanks a lot

  • ???

    This is a very valuable content atleast to me and the best part is, it is free…thanks a lot

  • Keith B

    Really beautiful & original stamps thank you for sharing! What a pity there is no Instagram & Linkedin – would be worth paying for!

  • Aminur Rashid

    Dear John Negoita
    Thank you for Vintage Social Media Stamps: Icon Pack.

    Aminur Rashid