• Wade

    DI, you’re doing a fantastic job at covering the various forms and products of design and I think you should keep it up! I do wish illustrator/photoshop tutorials were a bit more frequent, even if they were about smaller things. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Wade! Thanks for the encouraging words!

    About Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials: We will try to publish more tutorials. It’s been tough the past few months to find solid Photoshop/Illustrator tutorial content, and we’ve been working with our regular authors to see if they can write more (however, many are engaged in other activities), as well as proactively recruiting new writers (we spent a good chunk of last week contacting potential new writers).

    We do currently have many tutorials in our archives though! To get to them, what I usually do is either use the search form or the Categories navigation menu on the sidebar. We’ll work on a better Archives page to improve the findability of our old tutorials as soon as we can!

    Thanks for your suggestion and support of our site Wade! These comments do truly inspires us to keep working hard to publish great content for our readers as well as know what you guys/gals think we can do to improve.

  • Wade

    Not a problem, Jacob! Always excited to see what is new on the site. I will also apply to help write some tutorials if you give me the subject matter. I am proficient on Illustrator, but I am always learning as you can tell by me being on the site.

  • I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the design of these sites – great layouts, typography and styles. Thanks for putting together a really inspiring collection.

  • Awesome collection! I’m always wary of using photo backgrounds because I feel like they’re too messy or too busy – but clearly I’ve been proven wrong!

  • Definitely one of the best compilations of photo backgrounds in web design! I’m so glad I found this site, it’s been extremely helpful.

  • Robert U.

    Great tutorials, clear explanation, indeed, I wish the Photoshop tutorials were more frequent…

  • Very nice examples. I really like 360langstrasse. Great work.

  • eric

    Great job man! congratulations from Brasil- RJ

  • Teresa

    I would actually like to see some tutorials for design layering a translucent logo/text over a styled photo – like the examples above – in adobe illustrator.