13 Excellent Typography Blogs to Read

1. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

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2. The FontFeed

The FontFeed

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3. Type Worship

Type Worship

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4. The Ministry of Type

The Ministry of Type

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5. Type for You

Type for You

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6. Good Typography

Good Typography

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7. Typographica


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8. Typostrate


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9. Fonts In Use Blog

Fonts In Use Blog

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10. Typedia: Blog

Typedia: Blog

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11. Typography.com Blog

Typography.com Blog

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12. Type Theory

Type Theory

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13. Typography Daily

Typography Daily

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  • Yup, I just flooded my Feedly with 13 new typography blog feeds. So excited about this… as obsessed as I am with typography, I didn’t have any of these in my Feedly yet. Much thanks!


    Thanks, Jacob, for sharing your vast collection of information and knowledge.

  • Based on your feedback, I now see that adding RSS feed links for these types of posts is something our readers appreciate. It takes a bit more effort on our end (not much), but if we can make things easier for our readers, we’re more than happy to go that extra mile.