• Eric Lochtefeld

    This is a great post! I have been looking for some ideas on stationary designs for some personal branding. I really like all the different examples!

  • Rings Liu

    Can I buy the notebook above?

  • Sydney Miles

    Beautiful collection of stationery….I’d love to have those elegant sets of stationery ;)…the designs are awesome….Thanks for sharing, Jacob… Cheers!

  • Hey Jacob, amazing work… thanks for sharing. Not only designing ideas but the printing technologies used are also too good… cheers!!!

  • Jeremy Bechtold

    StationEry, Eric. with an E, not an A. It’s a very common mistake, but one that will lose potential clients without even getting a phone call. Just doing my civic duty…

  • Hi Jacob – you have a very good eye for typography and the way you’ve presented everything is exceptional.

    I especially like the Lonely Standard identity you created.

    Where do you get your PSD mock-ups from that you apply your designs to?


  • Hi Brian.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Regarding your question: “Where do you get your PSD mock-ups from that you apply your designs to?”

    You could check out one of our freebies: Free Stationery Mock-Up Template (PSD)

  • How, tell me how! How do you create designs like this in illustrator?

  • jaewon cho

    it’s wonderfull artwork!!!!

  • Jenny Ross

    I believe stationery design is a really important step in corporate branding which is why you need to choose a unique design. The collection you’ve shown depicts exactly how it needs to be done.

  • Ilyas

    Hey Jacob, amazing work…