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When using these icons, please use an attribution link that links back to this page. For example, you can use the following recommended attribution: Social Media Sleek Icons by Design Instruct.

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<a href="">Social Media Sleek Icons by Design Instruct</a>

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Creative Commons License
Social Media Sleek Icons by Design Instruct is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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  • Childmonster

    Love to download. Thanks a lot

  • Bryan Abad

    Very slcik icons have to download them.

  • Jaspalsinh Chauahn

    thanks, can use it in some of my works.

  • Giacomo Colddesign

    Nice collection, thanks!

  • Umar

    This is really nice work! =)

  • inspirationfeed

    Holy moly, these are so beautiful. I love the colors!

  • Webalys

    Whaow, superb icons !

  • Steven

    I find the lack of YouTube disturbing…

  • Ivo Mynttinen

    Any chance to get acces to the psd’s? I would love to build hover and active states for these Icons so they can be used as social-buttons.

  • Jacob Gube

    Unfortunately, we can’t provide the PSDs for this set, sorry Ivo. We will keep that in mind for future icon releases though. However, you can do a lot with Photoshop blending modes and color adjustment tools, which could help you develop hover/active states for them.

  • Ivo Mynttinen

    Thanks for your fast answer, I’ll try my best.

  • Jacob Gube

    @Ivo Mynttinen: Good luck Ivo, and feel free to ask questions and share your techniques on your process of creating different hover states.

  • dselva

    Thanks…Good collection of icons

  • Tathagata

    Really nice icons, thanks!

  • Jonathan

    Excellent! Thanks for these great icons.

  • Blake

    Should try to make a tutorial for these! I’d love it! These are just so fantastic. ~

  • Andrew Roberts

    Lovely, I like 🙂

  • Connor Crosby

    Woah, this is one of the first set of icons that I have seen that have all the icons I want. Thank you!

  • Connor Crosby

    Actually that previous comment I made is incorrect, of icons missing its YOUTUBE! How could this be?

  • P.F. Bruns

    “Sleek” is an appropriate term for these attractive icons. Nicely done!

  • PureSpider

    Is an extension of this set planned?
    I’m missing a deviantART icon, for example!

  • Jacob Gube

    No extensions for this pack is currently being planned.

  • nothing

    attribution is a turn off.

  • Maximilien

    Excellent! Thanks a lot for sharing this great social media icons collection 🙂

  • toribloger

    Thank you! Ideal icon for one my project.

  • Genaro

    No YouTube = Fail!

    Such a shame considering how awesome this pack is.

  • PureSpider

    Same to no dA… 🙁

  • e11world

    no youtube icon??
    Thanks for the great set

  • Niro

    Much appreciated!

  • Hugo

    Ths is exceptionally well done work. Thank you for the share and will certainly inlcude your link when using the icons for any of my future sites.

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Jay Hughes

    Great but needs a Youtube icon!

  • Dania

    These are amazing 🙂 Great job Suptratim! I hope you add a Google Buzz or Plus icon <3

  • MastroTek

    Great set, Thanks for the share, these will come in very handy

  • Cam Blair

    I’d LOVE to see YouTube and G+ added to this awesome set of icons!

  • Tim Lawless

    This is probably my favorite Social Icon pack. Love your work!

  • karl

    Thank you for sharing these! Thank you so much 🙂

  • venomboy

    Very useful. Thanks for sharing

  • Mick

    Time to add Google+ 😉

  • Jon

    Totally agree. Though really nice! But going with something like Yahoo Buzz, but not Youtube??

  • voir

    Much appreciated!

  • luda

    Love it! Need YELP icon

  • Vignat Vora

    Simply AWESOME it is !!!

  • Musilda

    Really nice, thanks a lot!

  • Lana Wynne

    Great set of icons. The colors seem more rich than many that I have seen.

  • Thanushka

    Very sleek. I saw your icons in a work of a dribbble shot and I just had to get these for myself.

  • Nathan P.

    Buzz is dead and gone, and YouTube and Google+ are needed. deviantArt would be nice as well. Was going to download and use this for my company’s site, til I noticed the lack of Google+. No Google+ or YouTube = fail IMHO!

  • iLen

    missing icon Google+ ??

  • Quy

    tks you so much!

  • Guillaume

    Great set but three icons are missing: Foursquare, YouTube and Google+.

  • Chad

    I love the look of these but wish you had Google+ and Yelp.

  • Ashley

    How come they appear larger when you copy and paste them into an email signature?