Social Media Bubblicons: Icon Pack


Social mediaΒ is one of the greatest ways to market your business, as it only continues to constantly evolve and grow. One of the best ways to incorporate social media into your website is to include links.

Links to social media are not the only way to improve your website though. The web design is important to attract new customers and maintain old ones. In order to make this possible, use icons to promote your professional social profiles, such as Facebook.



  • File format: PNG
  • Size: 48x48px
  • Licensing: Royalty-free, can be used for commercial and personal work
  • Limitation of use: Do not redistribute or sell files
  • Number of items: 20
  • Number of files: 20

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  • Thanks Supratim, they’re great.

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  • I adore these! Can’t think of a project I’m working on at the moment that could use them, but it makes me want to come up with one. πŸ˜‰

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  • If you design around these icons, I think that will be a testament to how well Supratim did with these. Thanks Sarah!

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  • I use them on my new website – when the site is finished i will give credit in the footer

    to see them check it out at

    PS: I created the E-mail icon πŸ˜‰

  • Cool implementation Tobias.

  • I also added an indesign icon now,
    a youtube icon will be there soon πŸ™‚ i Hope this is ok for the original creator

  • Once again, great work and appreciate your work and share.

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  • Very nice icons. Thanks Jacob and Supratim πŸ™‚

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  • Great job for png . Psd version also lets you get

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  • Hi, wondering if anyone knows where I can get a similar icon for Pinterest and Linkedin. thanks. i love these but can’t use them because they are missing these two icons

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