Social Media Bubbles: Icon Pack



  • File format: PNG and PSD
  • Size: 250x250px
  • Licensing: Royalty-free for personal and commercial work
  • Limitation of use: Do not sell files, attribution encouraged
  • Number of items: 8
  • Number of files: 16

Download Source Files

  • Lovely icons – thanks for sharing!

  • nice. thank you

  • Very nice, thanks for posting..

  • These look great in the preview image. I’d like to download them to check them out. Please re-upload / re-link. Thanks!

  • Was the download link not working for you? I just tested it now and it works.

    Anyone else having issues downloading this package?

  • yes, very odd… works now! Thanks Jacob.

  • @Curtis Scott: We’ve been having trouble with our infrastructure/CDN and we will be migrating to bigger-capacity/higher-uptime servers as it is very apparent to us that our current provider cannot handle this site’s needs. Thanks for reporting it here in the comments; it gives us more incentive to relocate our data.

  • John Yip

    Great work and love the icons. Thanks heaps for posting

  • Very nice sleek icon set. Thanks share!

  • very nice detail on these! — congrats!


  • Emma

    Many thanks – lovely icons.
    (By the way, I had to add an extra .txt file to the zip so I’d remembered where I’d got it from – would it be worth you adding some kind of note as to the source etc., for those of us that like to remember where we get things. )

  • Good idea. We’ll do that with future releases (a standard Readme.txt file).

  • All right. The Donwload worked just wonderful. Thank you for the 8 stylish icons.

  • Diego

    Nice, Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Great icons! Thanks.

  • very nice icon packs! thank you

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    These are really nice icons. Thanks for the share

  • Very nice sleek icon set. Thanks share!

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  • Great share, very useful thanks

  • Great share, very useful thanks.
    Very Perfect 😉

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    LOVE these icons. Do you happen to have a bubble icon for Linkedin? If so, would you please send to

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    thanks, it’s cool…

  • Thanks, really stylish! 😉

  • Cool Designs For sharing 🙂

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    Thank you. This is great.

  • Excellent collection. Thanks for the post Sir.

  • Bret

    Fantastic icon set Kyle, are you still developing these? Would love to get a Linkedin one to complete my site. Great quality work.

  • Awesome Icons Thanks

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  • Cool icons, thank you very much!

  • These are awesome. Thanks for the resource.

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  • Thank you very much! I have new Vaio so I’m playing everyday at school now 😀

  • Nice icons! I’ve got a bathroom designer’s website I need to complete over the next week or two and these’ll fit into the design very nicely indeed. Kudos!

  • Yesenia Ortega

    awesome! thanks so much for sharing!