SleekSocial: Icon Pack




  • File format: PNG
  • Size: 420x420px
  • Licensing: Royalty-free, can be used for commercial and personal work
  • Attribution requirement: None (but appreciated)
  • Limitation of use: Do not redistribute files
  • Number of items: 10
  • Number of files: 60


  • I like them! Thank you.

  • Simple, but perfect for me.

    Thanks for the share, Andrew 🙂

  • Andrew, I’m wondering why you chose to not use the identifying colors of the different social media sites – e.g. blue for FB, turquoise for Twitter, red for Mixx, etc.

    When it comes to serving a wide variety of end-users, color is extremely important, especially when a specific hue is already established and associated with a brand.

  • Redd

    Wow, finally, a very simple and slick set of social media icons! Really appreciate it! And thanks for the very flexible licensing requirements for this (i.e. no default attribution required). Will definitely be using in a future design.

  • Casey

    I feel the Adobe Photoshop theme is being overdone lately, too many sites/icons/visuals use it.

  • Amazing Pack. Using it for my blog soon!!! Thanks for the wonderful creation!!

  • I don’t get it. Why the colour doesn’t reflect the theme of the social network?

  • Your concern is very valid.

    Here’s my two cents (and Andrew might jump in here later): I think the designer of the icon pack was more interested in using the Adobe Creative Suite colors and look. The pack does come in several colors (so you can use, for example, blue for Facebook and LinkedIn and red for Mixx, which would be closer to the company’s brand colors). I think this fact makes the icon pack look unique. Additionally, since these sites are ubiquitous, their logo mark are enough to connect the icon with their brand.

    A bit of a tangent, but relevant: I just finished reading Logo Design Love by David Airey two days ago, and one thing I read and saw as a theme throughout the book (reminding me of my graphic design days) is that an effective logo mark can stand on its own, regardless of color or size.

  • In general, we want to offer as much flexibility in these freebies, so I’m glad that you all appreciate that. We’ve all been there and done that, where we were turned off or afraid of using a “freebie” because of its ambiguous or limited licensing guidelines (“better safe than sorry”).

    These are the terms and usage we want all freebies to have (please chime in if we miss something or could improve it):
    – You can use it anywhere (commercial or personal) and in any quantity (e.g. for print runs, there’s no limit to the number of times you can use it)
    – You can modify them any way
    – You don’t need to link back to or mention the author name (but if you feel compelled to do so, we’d like it)
    – You cannot redistribute the files and claim it as your own (is this too ambiguous? How can we clarify what we mean here?)
    – You cannot offer direct downloads of the files and packages, you must link to the original source

  • The icon pack was inspired by the Adobe Creative Suite logos, and as such, used those colors. Also see my reply to Anne above.

  • Jacob was dead on with his comment. As I said, I set out to model the icons after the Adobe CS logos, particularly the more commonly known products (i.e. PS, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Premiere). You may argue some other Creative Suite Products are equally as popular, but I strayed from the more bland, non-vibrant colors like After Effects and Soundbooth; and InDesign is pretty similar to the color of Premieres Icon. Using Twitters color would completely screw up the theme and pattern. And I definitely agree with Jacob, in that a good logo will stand out regardless of size or color. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Thanks to everyone for the great comments so far! Can’t wait to see how some of you may use them! 😀

  • Jacob, you make good points, thanks. Always something new to learn!

  • Thanks Andrew – you did a great job with the pack, and thanks to your and Jacob’s explanations I have a better sense for what you were aiming for. I enjoy learning from others – it’s a growth thing. 😉

  • Not a problem Anne 🙂 Glad we could help

  • Redd

    Indeed, having ambiguous or sometimes even non-existent licensing guidelines prevents me from using a freebie in a design even if the freebie works perfectly with the project.

    One more thing I sometimes look for a freebie is a means to “donate” to the author in cases when I use it for a commercial or paid project (after all, I made money with their work in it) or a means to contact the author to let him know that I used his work in my work.

  • I’ll always accept donations, just email me for my paypal account 😛 haha

  • I’ve searched high and low without really knowing what I wanted – convinced that I would know, once i DID see it. I was right. THESE are what I wanted – thanks Andrew.

  • z`dsgns

    Cool :), thanks “DI” your the best

  • John Burnette

    Any way we can get the source files for these? I LOVE the style, it would just be nice to be able to tweak the colors a little bit to match my design more closely.

    Superb job!

  • Beautiful icons, I really like the color variations.

  • These are super fun!

  • I have a suggestion for you here. Since you are receiving questions regarding the colors, you can include a single PSD, if you wish, so that they can edit the colors to suit their taste.

  • Beautiful set! Do you plan to make a set with the coordinating colors used by the social network? I love these but am a bit concerned with the varying colors. (Although I love the varying colors also!)

  • Jody

    Great icons! I wish more developers would include an email icon and a generic blog one 🙂

  • Thanks for the nice icon.
    Awesome work.

  • Sherry

    Do you have a YouTube icon. They are so nice

  • I’ll use these icons in my design portfolio.
    Great work Andrew S. Roberts!

  • This is what i was looking for. thanks alot.

  • Great icons! Took me forever to find ones with sharp corners instead of rounded!

  • Ampi Severe

    Great icon set! Any possibilty to get Google Plus in there? 🙂

  • I have a vector file of Google+. You can modify and use it. LINK >

  • Thanks, I’ll see what I can do, I’m not that much of a graphics editor.. 🙂

  • Sheilah Griggs

    Hi! I LOVE your icons the red go perfectly with my new logo design. Do you have YouTube or Vimeo icons in that style as well?

  • Nice designs ..gonna use them for my blog ..thanks for creating and sharing them.. 🙂

  • I absolutely love these icons and so glad they come in the same color for each. That’s exactly what I want on my websites! Searched and found these for a new website I’m building but will change the icons that I have on a website I have up and running to these as well. The colors were perfect(especially since I created my logos in Ai). Why question the color? I don’t get it. These are a variation from the usual for those that want a different look for our website. I was so happy when I found these. Thank you!!

  • juncci

    i really like these icons…. hope they come in cyan or irish green color… nonetheless i really like them……….. Thanks Mr. Andrew!!!

  • The colors matched my new website perfectly, makes it really stand out!

  • I like these more than any others I have ever seen. Perfect. I sure do wish you had created some for Pinterest and YouTube and Instagram though. Please let me know if they become available in the future, or if there’s a way to have them custom made.

    Thanks for the gift,


  • Debra Chasnoff

    Hi, Love your design. I’m trying to add them to my email signature in Apple Mail and when I drag them into the signature box, the icons are huge. How do I get them to stay button size?

  • Really nice icons, I like how they’re not the typical styles but still work just as well!

  • BLAlley

    How did you get the sunken effect? I’m trying to add some icons not included in the set but my cutout function doesn’t match.

  • Byron Faux

    I am wondering if you have a icon in this look for Pinterest and Google+. I would love to get those for a clients website.