Find Out How Good Your PSDs Are With PSD Validator

Just upload your PSD on the site and then it will show you the errors and warnings it discovers in your file.

PSD Validator home

It will also give your PSD a score between 0-100%.

The tips and warnings are based on best practices found in Photoshop Etiquette, a guide outlining best practices for web designers using Photoshop.

Errors and warnings may include things like "use whole numbers for font sizes" and "low ratio of groups detected."

I tested our slick modern buttons PSD freebie and PSD Validator discovered 1 error:

PSD Validator - processing

PSD Validator Results page

The error it found was font sizes weren’t using whole numbers. According to Photoshop Etiquette: "It rarely makes sense to use fractions and decimals in Photoshop."

I didn’t even know that was an issue. Now I do. It’s a logical reason, especially when we’re using whole-number units like px or pt.

The filesize limit is 30MB. If you try to upload something bigger, PSD Validator will tell you:

PSD Validator - file is too big.

If you’re worried about privacy, you should know the site doesn’t keep your PSD files — it deletes your PSD right after it’s done analyzing it.

PSD Validator was created by Swedish digital art director, Petter Nilsson.

  • The idea behind it is great. But, I’ve made a test using fractional numbers on a text size, inside a smart obj. the result: 0 errors
    Also .. grouping all layers into one single group and inside that,total chaos. the result: 0 warnings. Score 100%.

    I think that practice guide is great for designers to know …but not always follow. I also think that psd validator can become a great tool.

  • This is a great caveat to point out (that the tool isn’t perfect). Thanks Cornel.

  • Not too much use to me at the moment as most of my PSD’s are well over 30MB!
    Like the idea though, would save the likes of Theme forest a bit of time as I know they check all the PSD’s manually for these kind of issues.

  • There’s definitely a lot of PSDs over 30MB, especially for PSD templates like the ones on Themeforest.