23 Inspiringly Beautiful Portfolio Designs

It’s therefore essential that your portfolio design is rock-solid so that your future clients will have a great first-impression of you.

But that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to come up with a good design for our personal portfolio because we’re our own worst clients.

If you need inspiration and motivation to finally get started designing (or redesigning) your online portfolio, check out the beautiful personal portfolio sites in this post.

Oh, and this is a follow-up to a post called 18 Beautiful Online Portfolios for Your Inspiration — you should definitely look at it too so you can discover even more excellent portfolio designs!

Dickson Fong

Portfolio design of Dickson Fong

Michael Schmid

Portfolio design of Michael Schmid

Ashley Farrand

Portfolio design of Ashley Farrand

Chris Davis

Portfolio design of Chris Davis

Linda Dong

Portfolio design of Linda Dong

Dennis Field

Portfolio design of Dennis Field

Janette Council

Portfolio design of Janette Council

Philippe Hong

Portfolio design of Philippe Hong

Nate Navasca

Portfolio design of Nate Navasca

Marc Kremers

Portfolio design of Marc Kremers

Thom Vincent

Portfolio design of Thom Vincent

Adam Rudzki

Portfolio design of Adam Rudzki

Adhemas Batista

Portfolio design of Adhemas Batista

Edward Thring

Portfolio design of Edward Thring

Cole Townsend

Portfolio design of Cole Townsend

Mads Burcharth

Portfolio design of Mads Burcharth

Tyler Copeland

Portfolio design of Tyler Copeland

Paul Christophe

Portfolio design of Paul Christophe

Christophe Bouche

Portfolio design of Christophe Bouche

Ismael Burciaga

Portfolio design of Ismael Burciaga

Brad Haynes

Portfolio design of Brad Haynes

Phil Stringfellow

Portfolio design of Phil Stringfellow

Stan Grinapol

Portfolio design of Stan Grinapol

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    Nice list!
    Another one: http://ckapke.de

  • http://www.gonzodesign.nl/ Gonzo the Great

    .. cool collection, here’s another one: http://rajtoral.com

  • http://iamdennisfield.com Dennis Field


    I’m honored that you have included my website amongst this list of other great website designs! Thank you very much and I hope it continues to inspire other designers!

  • Mono Tonus

    Am I missing something? I see essentially three designs, and most of them use the exact same copy (“Hello, I’m…and I…”). Seems to me that branding is making yourself different, not, as in this collection, essentially identical. I woulld be unable to pick a winner from this lineup. Come on guys (ah, yes. they’re all guys, too.). Get original.

  • http://psdesignuk.com Phil Stringfellow

    @Mono you clearly haven’t read the copy on the second to last one then…