What Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Do You Use the Most?

Please vote for the Photoshop keyboard shortcut you use the most in the comments of this post.

Please mention the following:

  • The keyboard shortcut you use most often (e.g. Ctrl + O or Cmd + O)
  • What the keyboard shortcut does (e.g. Ctrl + O is the shortcut for File > Open)
  • Why do you frequently use this keyboard shortcut?

What’s the keyboard shortcut I use most often? It’s Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S.

It’s the shortcut for File > Save for Web & Devices.

I use this keyboard shortcut a lot because I perform a ton of simple image editing work, such as resizing images or resaving images into another web image format. Sometimes, I can be editing 20 images at the same time, all of which need to be saved in a suitable web format.

Now it’s your turn! Share your most-used Photoshop keyboard shortcut in the comments. Thanks!

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  • Mine is definitely ctrl+alt+arrow > Shortcut for duplicating a layer+direction

    Most used for myself as a webdesigner. Duplicating dummy items, naviation elements, etc.

    and of course the keyboard shortcuts as: V / U / I but those are single key shortcuts right 🙂

  • Shift+Alt+Command+N to a create a new layer with no new dialog boxes or anything, and then Alt+Command+G to clip it, I hit those once a minute I guess

  • Mark

    Ctrl-S in any app as I’m a paranoid saver. I think that covers all three questions.

  • I use a custom made shortcut to toggle pixel snapping on or off the most perhaps… Only beaten by F to toggle viewmodes..

  • v – t, Ctrl+0
    Move Tool – Type Tool, Display All
    I’m front-end developer and graphic designer
    I prepare lots of typographic graphics like posters, business cards, flyers. Sometimes have lots of text area in a document.
    previewing all is one of my favorite. Looking all file, helps you to find if you did any mistakes.

  • John

    Definitely save for web: Cmd+Opt+Shift+S

  • There isn’t just one for me.

    CTRL-ALT-SHFT-I -> (remapped) Image size -> for resizing images
    CTRL-ALT-H -> (remapped) Shadows/Highlights -> brightness and darkness adjustment
    CTRL-J -> Layer via copy -> no need to explain
    CTRL-E / CTRL-SHFT-E -> Merge / Merge visible -> mostly when slicing
    CTL-G -> Group layers -> because of light OCPD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OCPD

  • When I saw your question I thought of the same short-cut save for web/devices.
    Maybe because its a slightly epic four-finger shortcut makes it memorable 🙂

  • actually, really I’d use command-Z paired with shift-command-Z the most,
    auditioning changes….

  • Heather

    Cmd/Ctrl + 1 to zoom in/out to Actual Pixels. I do a lot of web graphics and this little keystroke gets used A LOT!

  • Whenever I’m doing retouching, compositing or the like, I like to merge the edited layers/groups while retaining the originals. So, I select the relevant layers/groups and use the following shortcut:

    Cmd + Opt + Shift + E. It creates a copy of all selected layers, merged into one.

  • Ana pereira

    The shortcut I use most is Ctrl+D
    This short cut cancels a selection
    I use it very often because I do a lot of selections to edit/improve fotos or to make collages.

  • Ctrl/cmd+z is my most used shortcut. I use it constantly to fix mistakes.

  • Ctrl+j to duplicate layers. Definitely.

  • CTRL-T -> Transform
    CTRL-ALT-SHFT-C -> Copy layer style. I configure
    CTRL-ALT-SHFT-PC -> Paste layer style. I configure
    v -> Pointer
    U -> Rectangle
    M -> Selection
    Z -> Zoom
    P -> Pen
    B -> Brushes
    E -> Erase

  • My Favourite Shortcut: Alt->I->R
    It Removes all the transparent space from an image.
    I do this then Ctrl+Shft+Alt+S to ‘Save for the Web’

  • I’ve been using the “CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S” for taking care of the quality of the image. It’s really useful if you’re into blogging.

  • Yuval

    For sure the first one is Ctrl+S! (save)
    The next ones: Ctrl+J (duplicate), Ctrl+Backspace (fill a selection)..

  • Cmd+s
    Literally every 5 seconds

  • Carlin Scuderi



  • Using keyboard shortcuts for menu items involves too many keys at once. I’m more in to D to reset the foreground and background colors, V to select the pointer tool and M to select the selection tool. Of course I also like using the right and left brackets with the command key to move layers from top to bottom. I’m going to try the Command+Alt+Shift+S shortcut, hopefully it sticks.

  • Cmd + option + shift + E
    Create a new merged layer

  • Crtl+Z, by far.


  • That’s also a habit of mine regardless of what software (e.g., Word, Notepad++, Photoshop, etc.) I’m currently using! 🙂 I know I can set most software to auto-save at an interval of my choice, but the action of pressing that keyboard shortcut gives me conscious reassurance that I’ve saved my work.

  • Rachel Reveley

    CTRL I P for cropping and CTRL I R for trimming. Often in that order, you would be surprised at how impressed some people are when they see you do that.

  • Philip

    the enter button

  • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V 🙂

  • Josh

    CMD-S after every action. It became instinctual when I was made to use the busted computer at an internship and my programs were constantly crashing.

    However! If I were to pick a second place to incessant saving: F, because I shift between screen modes way more frequently than I can explain.

  • Ctrl+’ Toggles the grid lines on and off

  • Haha, yes, the first few times I started using this shortcut it felt awkward because it used four fingers!

    At first, it didn’t feel like a shortcut since with my mouse’s sensitivity turned up to a high setting (and I use a gaming mouse too), it’s pretty quick at going to File > Save for Images & Devices versus trying to locate and hit all 4 keys.

  • mp3ch

    ctrl + shift + alt + S
    Save for web

  • Ben Junda

    Shift+Arrow Keys, moves in increments of 10 pixels

  • Beth mueller

    Saving for web so often

  • Space bar. Helps me go exploring around the magic landscape if pixels. It’s gotten to the point where I try using that shortcut in every app.

  • Amanda

    Space bar. As many other key strokes I use, I’d be lost without being able to move the canvas around.

  • Jithin

    Ctrl + Shift + N (New layer)

  • When in a text area, command + enter exits the text area so keyboard shortcuts are usable again. HUGE timesaver.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Z – Undo
    Z – Zoom
    M – Rectangular Marquee Tool
    Ctrl+S – Save

  • command+shift+/ – spotlight help.

    For other things I’m developing a plugin – check out thimbleup.com