30 Extremely Minimalist Web Designs

Bhav Mistry

Minimalist design: Bhav Mistry

WCWP International Limited

Minimalist design: WCWP International Limited

Bicycle San Francisco

Modern Designers

Minimalist design: Modern Designers

Rhythm Design Studies

Minimalist design: Rhythm Design Studies

A Good Book

Minimalist design: A Good Book

MOAA Architects

Minimalist design: MOAA Architects

Arne Meister Contemporary Art

Minimalist design: Arne Meister Contemporary Art

Joshua Söhn

Minimalist design: Joshua Söhn

Hatch Inc.

Minimalist design: Hatch Inc.

Zofia Chylak

Minimalist design: Zofia Chylak

Nate Hanson

Minimalist design: Nate Hanson

Quality, Defined

Minimalist design: Quality, Defined

Cory Gibbons

Minimalist design: Cory Gibbons


Minimalist design: McChillin

Leandro Farina

Minimalist design: Leandro Farina

Made By Six

Minimalist design: Made By Six

Victoria Ling

Minimalist design: Victoria Ling

UCD School of Architecture Timeline

Minimalist design: UCD School of Architecture Timeline

Darrin Higgins

Minimalist design: Darrin Higgins

Minerva Information Security

Minimalist design: Minerva Information Security

Two Create

Minimalist design: Two Create


Minimalist design: AIAIAI


Minimalist design: Mind_

Brighten the Corners

Minimalist design: Brighten the Corners


Minimalist design: Lexican


Minimalist design: A–CH

Two Times Elliott

Minimalist design: Two Times Elliott

Jon Montenegro

Minimalist design: Jon Montenegro

Polly Stanton

Minimalist design: Polly Stanton

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  • Nice list!
    Check out http://ckapke.de – another minimalistic web site.

  • Talha

    Hah, clever preview to this article. 🙂

    I really like the “Two Create” website with the three mega menus, as well as the “Two Times Elliot” one. Except for the two X´ that seem to randomly appear on the website. They kind of make it look like a layout/formatting error in the coding.

    Personally, I dislike websites that are too minimalistic. They can appear very interesting at first, but usually turn out to be really boring after all. At least when the website offers enough content for you to browse through a couple of sites.

    http://www.rainymood.com/ is a very good example. The website could take away everything, except the background and it would still work, because that´s all the website has been made for. (primarily)

    (I´m currently working on my own website and trying to find a comfy spot between minimalistic and exciting. Not that easy.)

  • When you look at these websites you can really feel what “less is more” means.

  • Thanks Talha! Glad you got the idea with the intro.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the sites and about the whole concept of minimalism I think minimalism. is a matter of taste. And I believe there are different levels aesthetic simplicity, the the ones here being on the upper levels of minimalism.

  • Nice to see Jon Montenegro on this list (worked with him for a spell, many moons ago).

  • I’m a big fan of “less is more”, but i find myself having a hard time understanding what some of these sites are for or how to navigate. Also, I have to wonder about the SEO impact of such extreme minimalism. The sites do stand out as different, but at what cost? I guess it depends on the specific circumstance. Still, some great ideas to get inspiration from!

  • We could also make an argument that less content = less noise = better ability of search engines to index your content. In terms of site navigation, even though it doesn’t show in the front-end, robots.txt is a good way to tell search engines how your content is structured.

    I think it isn’t going to be minimalism itself that would cost you. It’s how you structure the content for people and for search engines that will determine SEO. What I mean is this: Even the most extreme minimalist site will perform really well on search engines if it’s built correctly. Minimalism itself wouldn’t be the cause of poor SEO if the site is developed well. Minimalism, in this regard, is aesthetic.

    I’d be worried about other possible negative impacts – ones that can’t be quantified as easily as SEO – such as how people feel about minimalist sites and whether or not these feelings have any sort of impact on site engagement. There’s no easy way to test this other than presenting two very different site designs (one of them being minimalist, one of them not) and asking people, “which one do you like better?” But then again, this is all subjective and will vary depending on who your site’s audience is.