Mind-boggling Animated Gifs from David Szakaly

Animated gif’s, nowadays, are often used for the purposes of animating internet memes or quoting lines from TV shows and movies. They’re everywhere and used by even the most reputable publications in the world. Gif’s have come a long way indeed and it seems that they’re here to stay.

However, before animated gif’s were considered “cool,” they were used mainly on animated banner ads and only considered as a creative medium by a relatively select group of people. One of those people is David Szakaly or Davidope, to his fans.

Since 2008, Davidope has been creating amazing looping animated gifs that boggle the mind and defy explanation. His gif’s are beautifully and carefully crafted. And the resulting animations are forms that loop impossibly into infinity. They are perplexing and sometimes confusing but, nonetheless, amazing to look at.

Now that animated gifs are becoming more and more prevalent in internet culture, we can no doubt expect greater things from creators and designers such as Davidope.

We hope David’s work inspires you to learn about and create your own animated gifs and take the art to new and unexpected heights!

Check out some more of David Szakaly’s work on his Tumblr Page and follow him on Twitter for more updates.











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  • My brain just exploded… or imploded, I’m confused! Fantastic gifs! Wish I could hang these on my wall somehow 😉

  • I’m pretty sure there’s something out there that allows you to do this! 🙂 For example, a digital photo frame like this one: http://amzn.to/1iRTxOo (Not sure if it’ll be able to render animated GIFs though).


    These are so awesome. If I could just use it for creating wonderful pieces of pendant jewelry, or as conversation pieces on top of my coffee table, that would be awesome! Davidope work is magical! Thanks for sharing your great finds on the net, Isaac!

  • Jajat Rohmana

    MENAKJUBKAN! (Awesome in Bahasa)
    how did you do that? What application do you used?
    Awesome man 🙂

  • Corfield

    Hey Sydney, which one would you choose to be on your coffee table or as a pendant?

  • Sergiy Melnik

    Absolutely awesome!