• Some very cool logos here. Got some inspiration. Thanks for compiling them jacob

  • I love logotype! Thanks for compiling them.

    The fish is one of my favorites, along with pencil, pause and sink it.

  • Logotype is such a difficult skill to master but when its done right the end result always seems so simple and obvious. Thanks for posting these, my favs would be Playground and Human.

  • I completely agree with you. It’s a combination of extreme creativity and skill. You’re limited to one form of design elements: letters – that’s tough.

  • Seriously excellent examples. Quite a few I’d never seen before too; thanks for the eye-opening!

  • I’m always a sucker for a beautiful logo, mainly because there aren’t many out there! Thanks for the showcase!

  • I think the chinese Type deisng is so great too.:)

  • Yep, really inspirational and cool! Great compilation.

  • The Fido one is good.
    Why does the pencil one have a triangle at the bottom between the last two letters, surely would have looked better as part of the dot in i?

  • dag
  • The best ones are ‘look’ & ‘fish’ logos.

  • dag

    The best ones are ‘illusion’ logos.

  • I like all of them. Illusion and Trek are my favourites.

  • OMG, they’re all AWESOME!

  • yeah 🙂 loveorhate 🙂

  • the love/hate one is awesome! great collection.
    illusion and negativ are still my favs (:

  • Dan

    Superb post, some really great logos. Love the Illusion one.

  • Annie

    Great work!!!!!

  • Tejash

    thanks for adding my logo magnet capsule

  • awesome, thanks for inspiration.

  • Nice idea this logotypes, big thanks!

  • rob sageme

    whoa very epic..am so inspired to come up with a name and logo now,any help?

  • john

    steven, the i and the l represent the outside facets of a pencil as a lead pencil
    is 6 sided.

    the pencil is actually the total width of the i, the space and the l.
    therefore the placement of the lead tip is…well…perfect.

  • Case

    These are cool as kind of visual puns, but they are all “see-says.” In other words, we’re seeing and saying the same thing basically, so the designer, while making something cool, is not really adding meaning. The visual is a bit redundant with the word.

    I think it’s much more interesting when the visual brings something to the word that is not yet there. Of course, it’s harder to do, and doesn’t make for a good list-of-logos blog post, where people can “get” the design without the context of what the company does.

  • Eduardo

    just amazing.

    The attempt to merge text, drawing coming in a symbol is really an art.

  • Isa Amiri Chulandim

    Awesome design. Many thanks.

  • it is very big logos . thanks for its.

  • miriam adenusi

    it wouldn’t have looked better. that would have been more of a cliche. Its perfect where it is. afterall we write with the pencil facing downwards. An artistic eye would see a complete pencil by looking at it. others probably, will have to look more critically! i simply love it! very creative!