• http://www.sohtanaka.com/ Also a great example of typography

  • There are some sites that I liked.

  • Thanks for sharing Reece.

  • Not only great typography but brilliantly designed websites that engage the mind. BTW does anyone know a photoshop tutorial to create the slit/drop shadow at the bottom of “Worry Free Labs”…

    I’ve seen this effect on a few sites and would love to implement myself. Thanks for the post!!! 😉

  • Excellent typography choice! 🙂

  • So harmonious pictures.. amazing… 🙂

  • Great Collection!!! Like them all

  • Nice collection…
    thnx for sharing!

  • Amazing, great 🙂

  • Dan

    Some really great inspirational sites here!


  • really nice collection

  • Really, really nice.

  • This is a good post with lots of great examples! I like the majority if not all of these as they are designed very well and really use type to engage the viewer. I’m curious if the typography on these are in the form of images as it can be tricky to use fancy typefaces with HTML/CSS and Flash?

    As per Sahus Pilwal’s comment – The fading bar effect at the bottom of Worry Free Labs is very easy to create. If you have a rectangular selection made with the marquee tool you can then apply a subtle vertical gradient within the selection and lower the opacity to achieve a similar result.

  • Thanks Eric for the Photoshop tip! will try it out sometime over the weekend… 😉

  • Nice tip and thanks for sharing Eric!

    As for typography: with Flash, it would be easy since you can embed fonts. With HTML, we could use @font-face and a service like TypeKit, or for short blocks of text like headings or the site name, use CSS background text image replacement for short blocks of text. In the working demo from the Create a Clean and Classy Web Design in Photoshop tutorial, I used CSS background text image replacement for the site’s name.

  • Nice!
    I like the arrangement of contexts, it adds convenience to the reader.
    Some fonts are large enough making the content crowded.
    I personally admire dConstruct web design, simple yet very appealing.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Didn’t think I would find this information here, will have to come back and visit

  • Very nice collection!

  • Great collection. No suprises carsoniied is on there.

  • Latia Johnson

    Awesome Collection! That’s wonderful you have Dave Barnes on here he is a wonderful guy and has great music!

  • this is a great collection! Every single one of them has a unique design… really enjoyed looking at these thank you!