• Esteban Demarchi ;)

    Every time I doubt very least, this blog is so amazing and please continue to maintain this quality in their articles, do not we lower the level number, I love to write some articles of necessity and for fun, keep well guys!

  • http://www.toddcoleman.com Todd

    Great collection! I’ve always favored darker designs.

  • http://www.grumblebeestudio.com mike ouellette

    some nice sites there.
    what i like most about these listing type posts is it gives you a quick view of a bunch of different styles all at once. gives me some ideas about redoing my site.


  • http://devisefunciton.com Matthew Heidenreich

    i’m usually not a big fan of dark designs, but these were all executed nicely. Great collection!

  • http://sixrevisions.com Jacob Gube

    Thanks Mike. My goal is for a nice resource that you can bookmark and go back to whenever you need a bit of inspiration. There are many gallery sites out there that you can visit, but I think having it all in one page, and with big screenshots is easier (at least for me, I think it’s easier). Having a central theme also makes it useful and avoids you having to sift through many pages.

  • http://sinsdesign.wordpress.com/ sinsdesign

    Great collection! Thanks. I love grzegorzkozak.pl too! But as you go down on this site is changing it’s colors too.

  • http://www.csssam.blogspot.com Sam

    Nice collection. “Buzz ap” and “Jilion” look particularly sexy.

  • http://musback.blogspot.com musback

    Great collection, Love most of them! Only thing that annoys me is that every designer seems to show off something Apple-related on their homepage. Like they need it to be taken seriously in the la-di-daaa mac-designerworld… 🙁 That’s just my 2 cts… Thanks again for the designs!

  • http://sixrevisions.com Jacob Gube

    I agree, it’s becoming a cliche. I’m going to go against the trend and show off my custom-built PC on Design Instruct’s home page.

  • http://www.sedunia.com.my steven

    Thanks for the list, all these sites are very good.

    But why dont you make some comments about why you chose each site. I would be interested to know what you think about them.

  • http://www.authenticstyle.co.uk Will

    Thanks for including my blog in this list!

  • http://musback.blogspot.com musback

    Yes! Finally someone who agrees 😀
    Thx for the support Jacob.

    All my work is 100% PC 🙂

  • http://sixrevisions.com Jacob Gube

    @musback: So is mine; 100% created with Windows PCs. 🙂

  • http://www.tv3arb.com sami

    Thank i like themes very cool

  • http://tvalarab.com sedrd

    cool ? that is great thanks share

  • http://psatours.com vivi chiyo

    fantastic collection beautiful dark blog design, i’m very love it jacob