10 Infographics for Learning About Responsive Web Design

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1. Responsive Web Design Infographic

This simple illustrated responsive web design guide includes a section that displays how a single layout can flexibly change when viewed in different devices.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

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2. Responsive Website Design – What Is It? (Infographic)

This quick primer on responsive web design has a quick bullet-point-style list of reasons why responsive web design is beneficial to website owners.

Responsive Website Design - What Is It? (Infographic)

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3. 10 Basic Tips About Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

This very long infographic about responsive web design outlines a few things you should keep in mind when developing responsive designs.

10 Basic Tips About Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

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4. Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic

This interactive infographic presents useful resources, links, a definition of popular terms related to responsive web design, and more.

Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic

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5. Responsive Web Design: What Is It? (And Why You Need It)

This is a basic primer on what responsive web design is and some relevant statistics related to mobile browsing.

Responsive Web Design: What Is It? (And Why You Need It)

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6. Do You Really Need Responsive Web Design? [Infographic]

There are alternatives for optimizing the experience of mobile users on your site. This infographic is a comparison of server-side solutions versus responsive web designs.

o You Really Need Responsive Web Design? [Infographic]

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7. Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

This succinct infographic presents a few reasons why you need a responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

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8. 2013: The Year of Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

90% of online consumers use multiple devices to access the Web, and thus it’s important to have a website that accommodates them, according to this infographic.

2013: The Year of Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

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9. Responsive Design for a Better Mobile Experience

25% of mobile device users don’t use a laptop or desktop to access the Web — a very compelling argument this infographic makes about the importance of responsive design.

Responsive Design for a Better Mobile Experience

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10. Responsive Design Process

This graphic is for designers and agencies that are only now getting into responsive web design. It’s a flowchart of a responsive design workflow of an actual design agency.

Responsive Design Process

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