The Incredible Small Drawings of Taylor Mazer

Taylor Mazer chooses to work in a somewhat smaller scale than what most artists are drawn to. His drawings are hyper detailed, atmospheric, and his “Small Drawings” series are done on no more than a few square inches of paper.

Often depicting quiet and seemingly mundane scenes, Taylor’s illustrations come alive when you look more closely and experience his drawings in a more intimate fashion. You get drawn into the scene and you want to keep examining them as though there’s something hidden within them. Perhaps there is.

Check out some of his work below. More at Taylor’s portfolio.











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  • Ric Gudell

    Jordi Terns in
    Sabadell, Spain, has a similar hand

  • mina

    Ivery nice work.
    I propose that small, even miniature work has come I to its own because the every day person is viewing art via small screens rather than strolling through galleries.

  • david kennedy

    I also tends to work small and in black and white, and it can be a challenge; people are like birds sometimes, they like things to be flashy and colorful (and big). But as was pointed out, there are some benefits too

    I like this series a lot, I think the small format allows him to focus on crafting the atmosphere rather than getting lost in the details of the details.

  • Colton

    Interesting how his hatching seems to imply so many different textures. Would love to see him do some curved perspective lines!

  • Jac | TheVegetarianBaker

    These are incredible. So much detail.

  • Jane

    Oh, I love tiny art! Thank you!


    Nice art. Liked it.

  • Rebecca Payne

    wonderfully inspiring!

  • Titus Hoskins

    Great tones & values in these artworks.