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About DX Themes

DX Themes

DX Themes is a source of top-quality, affordable WordPress themes and responsive web templates.

The premium WordPress themes they offer are well-documented. They have step-by-step video tutorials and a community forums to help their users. Their admin UI often features a simple, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

The WordPress themes bundle package costs $35 and will contain all of their themes.

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Check out and demo all the available themes DX Themes has to offer by going to their Themes web page.

Get Free WordPress Themes

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* Giveaway Period Has Ended *

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For a chance to win a WordPress themes bundle package, simply answer the following question in the comments:

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  • I have at this moment three websites running on WordPress with a few more lined for launch next year. I would love to be able to freshen up their appearance with the themes from DX Themes. It’s true that the bundle price is quite reasonable for the offer, but any dollar saved is a good thing.

  • Christian

    First of all that’s a very nice collection of templates. I’m a designer with no online portfolio site and would actually use it to finally built one up. Best, Christian

  • WordPress Themes Bundle Package: I was looking for a theme as I am going to transfer my blog to WordPress. This theme bundle package will help me a lot to choose one of the theme that fits for my site.

  • Hriday Das

    I am a web developer and these theme packages from DX Themes would help me to serve my clients better in this competitive environment.

  • Cindy Harris

    Wow! I’m always looking for great customizable themes for my clients. I did t know about these, but they sure look tremendously useful and I’d look forward to using them for my clients.

  • Aaron P

    Great Themes and I’ve always loved this site for reference on the digital world of design!

  • Ann

    They look very sophisticated and I would love to experiment so I can offer my clients a really nice, professional wp-website.

  • i need these themes because they look so much professional and i am starting my new blog soon so i need these awesome designed themes to have better look for my blog.

  • Zoni

    Grete giveaway by of responsive web design themes for WordPress and great simplicity by DX Themes.

  • If I were to win, I’d use these themes to better myself and the needs of my (mostly) nonprofit customers.

  • Calin Gbariel

    I want to get better at designing and this will be a major breakthrought for me .

  • Zac

    I recently graduated in May 2012 and have been working hard since to build my portfolio. These beautiful themes from DX Themes will further help me to establish myself in the Web Design community.

  • Lucas Almeida

    I will use the themes to make my website stop being so ugly and start being beautiful so I can do more beautiful things and make the world a beautiful place!