Giveaway: 500 Plastic Business Cards from (Worth $600)

Note: Giveaway Period is Finished

About is a full featured plastic printing company that caters to thousands of clients world wide. They specialize in printing plastic business cards for all types of professionals. And they also have great customer service representatives who are eager to help you with all your printing needs.

The prize we’re giving away, to one lucky Design Instruct reader, is a set of 500 plastic business cards from valued at $600 USD. The cards will be printed using a 4-color printing process on a mix of clear and opaque backgrounds so you can get as creative as you want with your business card design. will also handle all the setup costs and even ship them to you for free!

If you’ve ever wanted to have plastic business cards to give to prospective clients, now is your chance!


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How to Win

For a chance to win 500 plastic business cards from, simply answer this question in the comments section below:

How would you use these plastic business cards in your business?

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  • Sarah Pugh

    These would help me so much in my newly fledged design business and help me look extra professional!

  • Chad

    I would use these for my father’s greenhouse business. Cards are likely to get wet around plants, so they will be perfect if it is plastic.

  • Alan Dearborn

    I would love to have my design in plastic business cards to truly set myself apart from others in my area. I am just restarting my solo sign and design business after 5 years and would love to start off right and make the best possible first impression for my new business. It can be rough selling business cards when there are so many cheap options that people can often do themselves. I want to market to those business who know the value of quality design- they are out there. I need something to catch their eye and imagination right away, and I believe your product could do that for me!

  • I’m just starting my own Graphic Design company that me and my mother just started. It would be great to also be able to advertise them to potential clients as well.

  • I think these would be fantastic to use to market a film that I just completed shooting and am promoting to various outlets. This will provide a WOW factor for sure.

  • Andy

    I’d love to see my wife handing these out for hew wedding planning business. Would really help her stand out.

  • Karl F

    What a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition! These cards would certainly help in my wife’s fledgling fashion design business. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  • Melissa Messick

    I would just love these cards as believe that they would truly help me stand out in a crowds of wonderful artists that are out there. I have seen them before and thought how great to be able to have some but with a young business the cash flow has just not been there.

  • Aaah, plastic business cards always have so a wonderful look to me.

    I’m a small time networker, but I like to put together events, appear at different conventions, and meet with local affiliates. I would use it to keep everyone aware, and to feel more confident in the fact that I’m running a small network. At least this way, I can do business and smirk and hand over my card.

    Plus, ‘ey. At least I’d have a different looks as far as business cards look.

  • David Biggs

    I don’t currently have business cards so something like this could really kick off a conversation and leave a prospective client with a lasting impression!

  • Dee Blaney

    I would use these cards to introduce my graphic design business to potential partners and high volume clients. These cards would be an integral part of my corporate branding strategy.

  • They are flexible, they don’t damages even in water.

  • Chris

    I’m so excited to get my new design agency off the ground and these would be a great way to do so (and help save on a budget)! Hope I win!

  • Ejay

    I would use them as ninja stars and randomly assault the elderly and/or puppies, just before vanishing into a puff of smoke.
    Just kidding. I’d probably use them as coffee coasters. I’d have to buy matching rectangular coffee cups, though.

  • Tomas

    Would be a cool opportunity to get new fans and potential customers for my business.

  • I just started my start-up business & I want Business Cards for the same. hope I win

  • Josh McAfee

    I will give all my clients the new business cards, a small gift with a thank you card, and tell them to refer me.

  • These cards will help to get my name out there as a web dev and an engineer. Connections are important and these cards will help me gain credibility.

  • I would gave these cards to true electronic/jazz music devotees who coming to listen my band Priot Ensemble after the shows to promote our great music.

  • Samuel Salkin

    these business cards would help a soon to be graduated graphic designer stand out from the rest of the competition and hopefully start his career with some really nice business cards.

  • Alex Ionescu

    I am a dentist, do I will use the business cards to promote my office.

  • This would be my first set of business cards. This would greatly help get my photography business off the ground.

  • Luis Molpeceres

    These cards would be great to start my new project, a web design and development studio. I live in a small town and I haven’t seen this type of business card here, so it would be something distinctive.

  • I would use these impressive plastic business cards to better showcase my graphic design start-up…

  • These cards would get me one step closer to starting my freelance career. It would serve as added motivation to me.

  • As a designer, the opportunity to utilize different creative techniques with the option of transparency in order to express ones personal brand or just self expression is too good to be true. I would spend hours perfecting just the right design and would love to share what is produced with others! Awesome Opportunity that should not be ignored!