10 Free Web Design Books Worth Reading

Here’s a list of excellent free web design books. They offer a wealth of valuable tips and insights. These books are in digital format.

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The Shape of Design

By . 121 pages.

This book by Frank Chimero, a web designer who has worked with brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Facebook and Starbucks, is about the craft of design and the creative process.

A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

By . 261 pages.

You’ll find an abundant amount of web design tips and strategies in this book. It talks about a wide range of subjects: getting your first design job, design research, typography, color, and more.

Web Designer’s Success Guide

By . 81 pages.

This book is about creating and running a web design business. It provides the reader advice on finding new clients, marketing their design business, service pricing, etc.

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The Design Funnel: A Manifesto for Meaningful Design

By . 12 pages.

In this book, the reader is introduced to the "The Design Funnel", a five-step creative process for creating good designs.

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Web UI Design Patterns

By and . 200 pages.

This book delves into some hot web apps and sites such as Amazon and Airbnb, analyzing their user interfaces to see how and why they work.

Web Style Guide

By and . 76 web pages.

This is an extensive book that covers the major aspects of building websites. Usability, information architecture, user interface design, and more are the things you’ll find discussed in this book.

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Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

By . 163 pages.

The building block of digital designs, the pixel, is the subject matter of this book. From fine-tuning design details and avoiding pixelation to specific Photoshop techniques and color calibration, this book offers great tips on refining your designs.


By , , et al. 299 pages.

How do you effectively communicate data with design? This book introduces you to the basic concepts behind data research, analysis, and visualization. Whether you’re designing infographics, web forms or admin dashboards, this is a superb read.

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

By . 27 web pages.

The accessibility of your design is an important factor to consider when building websites. This digital book is a great introduction to accessible design and user-centered design.

The UX Reader

By , , , , et al. 181 pages.

This book is a collection of user experience insights from MailChimp’s UX design team. The book is sectioned into five parts: Collaboration, Research, Design, Development, and Refinement.

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